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Viking 7B/13B/33B have arrived

Silo AI releases the first checkpoints of Viking, an open LLM for all Nordic languages, English and programming languages.

Your data, your model,
your end-to-end LLM platform.

An LLM fine-tuned for your use case, with your data will always give the best results. Silo AI provides sovereign LLMs through a SaaS subscription, a cost efficient alternative giving you flexibility, control and security, without the maintenance work or vendor lock-in.


LLMs for your specific use case.

- Variety of models to choose from.

- We fine-tune your model for your use case, with your data.

- RAG and guardrails for optimal output.


AI at the core of your product.

- Seamless integration with your existing tools.

- SiloGen Admin Console for full control.

- Guaranteed access to compute. No costs during down-time.


with every user interaction.

- Closed feedback loops for continuous optimization.

- Each user interaction improves your LLM.

- Full transparency into LLM.


The SiloGen Platform

SiloGen provides a custom LLM as a service. Subscriptions enable the following.

General purpose LLM

Unlimited customization

Full ownership of model

Efficiency optimized for
your specific use case

Vendor lock-in

Based on your data

You control privacy

Cost efficient models

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Customer case examples


Freeing up time of medical professionals for important patient work

There is no shortage of data in healthcare, but commonly patient data is spread out over several sources. Data retrieval is both manual and time consuming – taking away from the time that would be better spent with the patients.

With a custom LLM-powered search tool professionals can access all data through one interface, saving time and improving patient experience.

Thanks to fine-tuning and RAG use, professionals can search for healthcare related information through a chat interface, using natural language, in their own native language.


Saving time and ensuring quality consistency

With a customer service co-pilot powered by a custom LLM Transcom’s service agents are finding the right information faster, improving customer experience and saving time.

By leveraging the vast amount of data from their ticket history, Transcom is putting the LLM-powered co-pilot at the core of their product. Transcom agents are able to resolve tickets faster, identify root causes for problems, and recognize customer issue related trends effectively.

Saving time and ensuring quality consistency, Transcom’s custom LLM is strengthening the company’s competitive edge.


Competitive edge through optimized content localization  

Web store content in the local language is key to building trust and being successful in any given market. Yet quickly producing high quality marketing texts, describing products in an attractive way in various languages, is challenging.

Always assigning a professional human translator is costly and time consuming. Conventional machine translation (MT) solutions have a tendency to provide translations that fall short of the needed quality.

Generative AI offers more creativity than MT and is faster than a human. Etals’ custom LLM allows users to quickly generate, review and edit texts, making it easy to add new content and merchandise to their web stores, while staying true to the desired tone of voice across languages.


Competitive edge through unique customer experience

By combining tens of thousands of earlier campaigns with the power of an LLM, Actito’s marketing professionals never have to start from scratch.

Their custom LLM auto-generates campaign suggestions for any type of multi-channel customer journey. By combining performance data and human input, campaigns can be A/B tested and further optimized.

Benefits include increased customer satisfaction and retention, as well as increased efficiency in campaign building.


The right information, at the right time, for the right people  

Doctrin offers a digital triage and care navigation platform, that transforms how and where care is delivered. It enables patient-centered care through improved communication and collaboration between patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare units.

A core element is the collection of structured information from both patients and caregivers to ensure that the right information is made available to the right healthcare professional, at the right time. As a company based in Sweden, Swedish is one of the key languages.

SiloGen is providing customer support solution with Retrieval Augmented Generation. SiloGen's Viking and upcoming Europa models provide a good AI foundation for Doctrin's growth ambitions in Sweden, the UK and Europe.


Reaching a bigger impact through better communication

Impactful communication requires information to be packaged and delivered in a way that suits the audience and the forum in which it is being communicated.

To help leaders and professionals speak with impact to grow their business, Myspeaker Rhetorich is a web platform that allows users to analyse and practise their communication skills.  

Myspeaker is using a custom LLM to develop an AI communication coach to assist their customers in all stages of their journeys in order to become impactful speakers. The platform helps with writing captivating presentations, or augmenting existing ones for better impact, and bringing forth the right educational material and exercises according to the development areas of the user.

Clock & Cloud Intelligence

Higher productivity and increased margins  

This specialized LLM enables Clock & Cloud Intelligence’s analysts to improve their geopolitical risk and impact reports.

By indexing large amounts of news articles into a vector database that analysts can query, concrete findings are easily synthesized and summarized.

Augmenting the ability of the analysts in their day-to-day work, this specialized LLM improves daily workflow.

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Poro and Viking

Open source base models with best-in-class support for Finnish, Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian, and Swedish.

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