Predictive maintenance

Apply self-learning AI in prescriptive and predictive maintenance

Improve your production efficiency by ensuring reliable operations with machine learning and computer vision for predictive maintenance. As your trusted partner, Silo AI helps you build robust solutions that permit you to be one step ahead by predicting the possible failures before they emerge.

Improve your efficiency and operations with production-grade AI for predictive maintenance

Machines and smart devices

Improve efficiency of your fleet by predicting possible failures before they happen and prevent costly downtime.


Ensure better quality and enhance reliability by applying modern computer vision and machine learning solutions.

Vehicles, vessels, and heavy machinery

Assist drivers and machine operators by providing actionable insights for fleet condition and thus secure effective maintenance breaks.

Ensure reliable operations with smart & data-driven predictions

Catching the maintenance needs in advance decreases downtime, increases savings, and lets companies plan ahead. We have a wide experience in various assignments related to predictive solutions for various types of industrial use cases.

We know how to apply AI, machine learning and computer vision and take it into use in business-critical environments.

Elevate your capabilities with us by:

Solution architecture and operational environment planning

Evaluating and tailoring the AI models and algorithms for specific needs and use cases

Deploying AI/ML either on the device level, on edge, or in the cloud

Human in the loop – integration to your current processes, environments, and automation systems

Lifecycle support

Ensuring fast and reliable delivery of AI features improving your predictive maintenance end-to-end

Resources on predictive maintenance


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