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Services & consultancy

Our world-class AI expertise and flexible working model make sure you get the best outcome and maximum value out of AI technologies across your product and R&D needs.

Moving people and goods with AI

Heavy duty vehicles

We build next generation intelligent features across connected hardware platforms. Our experts work in product R&D to provide high-end AI and data platform capabilities.

We’re here to help you build autonomous vehicles & vessels, situational awareness, object tracking, predictive maintenance, and efficient AI models for hardware and sensor-limited environments.

Moving AI to the edge

Consumer electronics
Network equipment
Medical devices
Industrial devices and sensors

Scale the use of AI in physical product development and reduce innovation time-to-market. Elevate your hardware with edge AI and embedded solutions and build scalable data operations and simulations to support decision-making.

Increase your capabilities with our expertise in building efficient AI models on edge, embedded AI, AI insight to R&D simulations, scaled data & MLOps and device-level advanced imaging.

Intelligent factories & production with AI

Process industry

Improve quality control and situational awareness with advanced computer vision and machine learning. Leverage multiple AI models to ensure high-end intelligence for your complex needs.

As an industrial operator, leverage our expertise in advanced 3D visual quality control, situational awareness, energy optimization and enhancing digital platforms with AI.

Toward a more efficient society with AI


Build intelligent platforms & products by elevating your AI capabilities with state-of-the-art AI expertise to speed up innovation time-to-market. Unlock competitive advantage with AI-driven products for intelligent monitoring, forecasting and automation.

Optimize, automate and ensure secure operations with scaled data & MLOps architecture, situational awareness, intelligent e-commerce and enhancing digital platforms with AI.

Success stories

We are defined by our clients’ success

Your challenge, solved with our AI expertise

We take pride in our deep and specialized AI expertise.

By working with us, you get access to a unique pool of the leading AI scientists, experts, and engineers.

Machine learning
Computer vision
Natural language processing
End-to-end planning & management

Customizable AI solutions and tooling

Reduce risk and speed up innovation time-to-market with advanced AI solutions and tooling, ready to be tailored for your use case.

What our clients say

We are proud to work with clients who share our passion for building industry-leading products.

"With the help of the machine learning solution built by the AI experts at Silo AI, we turned our chemistry expertise into a new digital service. Thanks to Silo AI’s solid background in building production-level AI solutions, we could choose the best one to put to production."

Juha Rintala

Manager, Digital Applications Development / Pulp&Paper

Kemira Plc.

“The AI solution is able to predict possible blockages efficiently. It seems that with a very small increase in sewer network maintenance, we could avoid up to a third of blockages”

Kia Aksela

Head of Department


“We wanted to take our existing AI capabilities to the next level by bringing in expertise from Silo AI. It is a pleasure to collaborate with Silo AI, who has extremely valuable capabilities in applying computer vision to the healthcare domain”

Tero Virta

Head of R&D in Radiation Oncology


“Silo AI’s engineers worked very closely with InterDigital’s Emerging Technology Lab to translate research ideas into tools that take advantage of cutting-edge AI technologies, helping us deliver the CompressAI-Vision on time.”

Jaideep Chandrashekar

Senior Director, Head of Emerging Technologies Lab


"It has been valuable to work closely with Silo AI, as there are often specific topics related to for example edge AI, for which we don’t have the right skill. Working in partnership with Silo AI to access leading AI scientists with needed high-quality skills has been beneficial and something we plan to continue also going forward."

Daniel Szabo


Körber Digital

“Humans can leave data exploration and processing to machines and focus on more value creating work and decision making.”

Anna Sipilä

Project Manager


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