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We work with industry-leading companies to bring them safe, human-centric and cutting-edge AI capabilities around the world.

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Welcome to Silopolis

Make an impact for the future

We are a community of 300+ AI scientists, AI engineers, software developers, solution architects, designers and business experts working on production-grade AI, R&D and various data platform related engineering work.

We connect leading AI scientists with real-world problems and help companies succeed in building cutting-edge AI.

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Working at Silo AI

Real-world challenges with industry-leading companies

We work with clients from multiple industries to solve real-world problems with production-grade AI. This requires AI expertise as well as expertise in data, IoT, cloud and embedded technologies to produce viable solutions. Our work is centred around our client projects and own experts.

As an AI expert you get to solve client problems with AI while being a part of the largest community of AI expertise in the Nordics.

At Silo AI, we are passionate about quality and reliability of the AI features we ship as part of our clients’ core products.

Our Culture

What’s important to us

We live by what we believe in. Our values drive us forward in everyday work, contributing to our common goal of building AI for People.

Our company culture is built on long-term development, entrepreneurship and ambitious growth plans.

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Citizens of silopolis

Meet some of the people working at Silo AI

Oksana Kalganova

Senior Software Developer

“Software development can digitalize products, but only Artificial Intelligence can unlock their true potential and bring real value. At the Silo AI community, we are working on projects that are pushing the boundaries of what's possible - and that's what makes it so exciting!”

Elin Ehsani

Senior AI Scientist

“At Silo AI, we have this valuable opportunity to participate in various learning workshops, research presentations, and project presentations which helps us to understand our colleagues line of work better and get acquainted with many state of the art solutions in versatile areas. I personally have been also involved with many interesting projects which have helped me to expand my skill set both in hard and soft skills, just like how to become a good speaker! Last but not the least about Silo AI working culture is the flexible working hours and as a result the work-life balance you get.”

Vorapol Assavasangthong

Senior AI Engineer

“In terms of consulting at Silo AI, the main difference I have found compared to my previous experience is the abundance of domain expertise among my colleagues. As someone with a background in Computer Vision, I have found it particularly useful to have over 50 colleagues who also specialize in this field. This allows for easy access to solutions to problems that have already been solved, as I am able to ask technical questions on a Slack channel and receive quick responses. Overall, I believe this is a significant advantage in starting new projects as a consultant at Silo AI.”

Alexander Aurell

Senior AI Scientist

“My work at Silo AI is simultaneously challenging and fulfilling. Coming into the world of AI consulting with a background in mathematics research, I’m constantly learning about coding, client communication and the realities of applied machine learning. I expect that these learning opportunities continue to manifest as the in-house knowledge at Silo AI keeps on growing. The communal support at Silo AI really elevates the working experience.”

Sebastian Remander

Senior Software Developer

“As a software engineer, your ambition is in writing production-grade software and infrastructure to offer our clients the best possible experience. Working at Silo AI has enabled me to work closer with ML/DL models and design the orchestration around them by leveraging industry standard technologies, together with a team full of high performer Silonauts. The community at Silo AI is loaded with experience from all around the field of AI, and weekly events and monthly research clubs let you dive into and learn more about the areas of your interest.”

Some important resources to get you started with Silo AI


Careers FAQ: 11 most asked questions during Silo AI’s hiring process

If you are interested in working at Silo AI, here are insights in the form of 11 most frequently asked questions that we have received while interviewing new Silopolis members!

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Onboarding at Silo AI – what to expect as a new member of Silopolis?

Here’s how we strive to make your journey to Silopolis start off well, despite the current special requirements.

Culture handbook

Learn about how we work and what we cherish at Silopolis

Our culture handbook is your traveler’s guide to Silopolis. Read on to know what’s it like to work at Silo AI, and how to make the most of your journey with us.

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career stories

Working at Silo AI

what’s in it for you

Why choose Silo AI?

Meaningful work with real-life AI projects

We are a home for 300+ AI scientists, AI engineers, software developers, solution architects, designers and business experts. Join our vision to build a world with safe human-centric AI that frees the human mind for meaningful work with the help of computer vision, machine learning and natural language processing.

Silo shares

We offer all our employees that work more than 50% to participate in the Silo AI share program. Currently available only in Finland, but we’re working on extending it to other countries!

Self-development budget

You’re the best judge of what you should be learning. We offer an annual budget to use for self-development activities and materials, free of choice.

Talent coaching with senior experts

We offer 1-on-1 Talent Coaching to get you on the learning track that suits you the best professionally and/or personally.

Sports and wellbeing benefit

We provide our employees an annual sum for sports and wellbeing services, ePassi Flex, including hundreds of sports, culture and wellbeing activities all around Finland.

Occupational healthcare & mental healthcare service

We offer all our employees (min. 50 % contract) occupational healthcare and mental health service via a digital therapy application Auntie.

Top academic and industry experts as peers

With 125+ PhDs in machine learning or similar fields, you know you’re among the true experts. Experience the power of collective intelligence and knowledge sharing.

Flexible work & work arrangements

We encourage working flexibly from a location where you are most productive. Silo AI offers different contract alternatives and freelancing opportunities for client projects.

Research club

In the bi-weekly research club, led by our Head of Research, we deep dive into a recent academic paper treating some fascinating subjects. Everyone is welcome to join!

Monthly workshops to level-up your skills

Monthly workshops, which are built around hard skills (technical skills) and soft skills (e.g. client communication) to learn.

Silo Social & Silo Fridays

Silopolis buzzes with social activities, team lunches and afterwork at Virtual Silo Pub. Gathering the teams together on Friday is important to meet your colleagues and share knowledge.

Meditation & Yoga

Twice a week, you can join the Meditation Meet to improve your mental wellbeing and focus in a short meditation break. Once a week we gather for lunch-time yoga!

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We are proud of our state-of-the-art AI expertise and end-to-end capabilities.

The field of AI is advancing fast and a multitude of skills are required to implement complex AI systems – ranging from business development, product design, software engineering to machine learning model development and MLOps.

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