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World-class AI expertise to elevate your AI capabilities

Deliver scalable AI features to your products fast and secure end-to-end implementation across your technology stack. Our team of 300 AI experts, including 125 PhD-level AI specialists, is here for you – with more than 200 production-grade AI implementations on our back.

Passion for building the best products with unmatched AI expertise

Great products require long-term commitment. As your strategic partner, we build joint teams tailored for your changing product and R&D needs.

From inception to production

Rethink your approach to AI to bring AI technologies to benefit your customers. We help you on every step of the journey, from early product plans to running AI efficiently in production


Stay on top of the rapidly changing field of AI technologies and explore and validate new possibilities with us. Our Advisory helps you design and drive innovative product roadmaps, technical architectures, and leaps in your organization's AI abilities.

R&D planning, implementation and management

Plan and implement production-grade AI across your products to strengthen your position as the industry leader. We help you with R&D expertise and process, whether you need us to implement AI algorithms and engineering or to own and run large-scale development programs.

Continuous service

Benefit from our scale and experience in running cost-efficient and reliable AI in production. We develop and maintain solutions to keep your AI and data flows running top notch.

State-of-the-art AI expertise

With more than 200 production-grade AI implementations on our back, our AI experts are at your service for R&D for AI-driven products. Since day one, we have strived for connecting the leading PhD-level AI experts with real-world AI challenges, however, getting AI into production requires outcome-focused engineering, too.

Machine learning

Create new intelligent features and dynamic predictive behavior with multiple models in highly complex systems. Build intelligent solutions in the cloud and on edge that adapt to the environment they’re in.

Supervised & unsupervised learning
Transfer & active learning
Multi-objective optimization
Reinforcement learning
Recommender systems

Computer vision

Enhance your products with automated image analysis and device-level advanced imaging. Build autonomous vehicles, adaptive quality control, and robot guidance with AI computer vision.

Image segmentation & generation
Image & object annotation
Sensor fusion
Object detection
3D, video, point clouds

Natural language processing

Make unstructured textual data machine-readable by processing information from documents, pdfs and news articles. Augment customer service with intelligent language processing.

Word and document classification
Text tagging & parsing
Speech recognition
Language generation
Machine translation
Conversational AI

Engineering to let your AI technology shine

Success in AI means integrating algorithms with a deep knowledge of the overall system. As your trusted partner, we bring our engineering experience in a myriad of technologies and data platforms that solve your challenges in various use cases.

Cloud AI

Our in-depth experience helps you thoughtfully combine public cloud PaaS/SaaS capabilities with the right mix of commercial and open source tooling.

Embedded AI

Build and scale next generation AI features into demanding and critical near-hardware environments. Ranging from low power microcontrollers to heavy custom hardware designs, we know how to run more AI on your system than you thought was possible.

IoT & Edge AI

Create efficient and secure AI systems that work smoothly with the rest of your architecture. We help you all the way from sensor system design to integration with operational technology.

We are proud to collaborate with

Scale AI across your products with MLOps

The biggest challenge in production-level AI is not finding the best machine learning model but building a reliable, scalable, and maintainable system for operating it in production and developing it continuously.

Our experts, your product

Partner up to gain deep and specialized AI expertise and knowledge on scaling and implementing advanced AI-driven solutions and products end-to-end.

Headshot of Niko Vuokko

Niko Vuokko, Dr.

Dr. Niko Vuokko, Chief Technical Officer, heads Silo AI's product development, technology, and competence development. Niko uses his expertise to keep our clients up to date on the latest technologies and advances in AI. Expertise in software, AI, data and cloud, both on strategic and hands-on level.

Niko is actively involved in company strategy and business development and specializes in data-driven B2B.

Headshot of Hedvig Kjellstroem

Hedvig Kjellström, PhD

Professor in the Division of Robotics, Perception and Learning at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

In her research, Hedvig focuses on computer vision and machine learning methods for enabling artificial agents to interpret the behavior of humans and other animals.

Headshot of Kimmo Saaskilahti

Kimmo Sääskilahti, PhD

Kimmo is a software and data engineer with emphasis on building reliable, scalable and maintainable cloud-based solutions for machine learning.

As AI scientists, researchers and engineers, with a strong background in academia, we complement your R&D efforts with our systematic exploration, planning and building.

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