Transcom and SiloGen reshaping CX through a specialized LLM

Silo AI CEO Peter Sarlin and Transcom CEO Jonas Dahlberg smiling next to each other. On the right side of the picture SiloGen and Transcom logos.

Transcom, a global leader in digital Customer Experience (CX) solutions and Silo AI, one of Europe’s largest private AI labs, are proud to announce a strategic partnership to build a specialized large language model (LLM) for CX. Leveraging technology from Silo AI’s product arm SiloGen, the specialized LLM aims to improve customer service and keep related costs down while ensuring data privacy and security, making it especially interesting for European companies.

“At Transcom, we believe AI will revolutionize our industry. With this partnership, we’re on the barricades, able to provide a superhuman customer experience. We’ve been offering AI solutions for a long time, but with SiloGen’s game changing specialized LLM, we’ll make life easier for our agents, our clients, and their customers alike”, says Jonas Dahlberg, President & CEO, Transcom.

The specialized LLM will be the foundation of the entire CX journey. It will empower the development of tailored AI solutions, including augmented agent assistance tools, tailored conversational AI, voice and chatbots, as well as conversational analytics for service and product insights. The benefits range from accelerated service automation to expedited agent proficiency, ultimately resulting in improved productivity, service availability, first contact resolution, and, most importantly, customer satisfaction.

While using generic and readily LLMs might be simple it is neither effective nor efficient. Fine-tuning specialized LLMs for specialized tasks offer vast possibilities for control, alignment and efficiency, as well as performance. With a fine-tuned LLM it is possible to control what data the model is trained on and how that data is processed. Giving the LLM detailed insight on a company’s users, processes and products enables alignment with a company’s values and ways of working. This will, for example, create bots fully versed in the messaging and brand of a company, making it feel fully a part of a service instead of an addition.

We’re honored to be a trusted partner for Transcom in their endeavor to provide best-in-class customer experience for their clients. Our values in terms of building human-centric technologies align perfectly and provide a foundation for a successful collaboration. Customer experience is such an important differentiator for companies, and we see tremendous potential for leveraging language models in order to help for instance customer service agents find the correct information in a timely manner to satisfy their customers. I believe the customer service LLM that we are building together will lead the way for many companies to follow”, says Peter Sarlin, CEO and co-founder of Silo AI.



Transcom provides digitally enhanced customer experience (CX) services to some of the world's most ambitious brands. More than 300 clients globally, including disruptive e-commerce players, category redefining fintechs, and technology legends rely on us for on-, off-, and nearshoring services. Transcom’s over 30,000 employees work in over 90 contact centers and work-at-home networks across 28 countries, creating brilliant experiences in customer care, sales, content moderation and backoffice services. We help our clients drive their brands forward, customer satisfaction up and operating costs down.


SiloGen is a large-scale initiative with the aim of building generative AI technology for Europe’s digital sovereignty. As Silo AI’s generative AI arm, SiloGen combines some of Europe’s leading generative AI and large language model (LLM) experts with access to data sources, powerful computational resources and infrastructure to train, run and operate LLMs. SiloGen has been operational since late 2022 and is currently working with clients like Allianz, Happeo, Sandvik and Tietoevry. As a trusted provider SiloGen offers base and specialized models as well as a development platform to ensure accurate, trustworthy and robust downstream applications.

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