Our values

Our core values were co-created with the team in the early days of our journey. The guiding light was to tap into our intrinsic motivators - what makes us tick as people, not just as employees or as a business.

That’s how Be Good, Build Bonds, Keep Learning and Ask Why were born.
They are the guiding principles for our work and behaviour with clients and fellow Silonauts, every day.

Silonaut presenting the Silo AI values to others on a large screen in a meeting room.
Fundamentals of Silopolis

We live by what we believe in

”It makes me very proud to see how our values have become the blueprint of our culture. We hear it from the community and clients alike, that there is a certain way about Silonauts.

To me it’s a combination of high ambition and humbleness, and the ability to challenge whilst always being kind and respectful. These I believe are the keys to our success. The values are embedded in our work practices and behavioural code. They are often seen in small gestures, but we also like to celebrate them big - with the Silo Awards ceremony having become an annual tradition.”

- Tuuli Suominen, Chief People Officer

The four values

Guiding us forward

Silo AI build bonds value icon.

Trust is our bond

Build Bonds

We encourage a culture where successes are celebrated, learnings shared and support provided for our team members to succeed.

We connect with customers and always seek to understand how we can best help them, and make sure that we keep what we promise.

Silo AI keep learning value icon.

Grow to excel

Keep Learning

We aim for excellence by learning from the market, sharing our competence, and attracting talent with a growth mindset.

We believe that expertise is not an achievement - it’s a lifestyle of curiosity, learning, sharing and working with people who share the same hunger.

Silo AI be good value icon.

Positive impact

Be Good

We always strive to be transparent and open in our communications, take ownership and aim for positive impact and results in all we do.

We take pride in creating an equal and supportive workplace for talented and ambitious professionals from all nationalities, genders, orientations and backgrounds.

Silo AI ask why value icon.

Know your why

Ask Why

We have the courage and agility to keep challenging what we’re doing to assure value creation for customers.

We encourage open dialogue and debate, and strive for diversity in opinions to improve decision making.

our values in practice

Hear it from Silo Award winners

Tyko Niemi

Lead Solutions Architect

“As a recent joiner, I was completely flabbergasted from winning the Keep Learning prize as I felt that I was not yet well-known at the company. During the first few months I popularized a low-maintenance method to run Docker on ARM architecture. This seemed to have helped out a lot of fellow Silonauts and I am grateful for this public recognition as it really made my first year as a Silonaut feel special.”

Jouni Hartikainen

Lead AI Scientist

"For me, work has always had a higher purpose than just providing means for living. I have found it very important to constantly question myself and the surrounding network (colleagues, partners, clients etc.), do we create meaningful value in all of the daily operations. "Ask why" has therefore been implicitly part of me way before joining Silo AI, and having it as one of the core company values has made it a conscious thing in everyday life."

Ela Arasola

Talent Acquisition Specialist

“Build Bonds creates trust which is the base for everything: connection, support & success. I can be myself and know that people communicate openly and want to be there for one another - be it for challenges or board games. For me this makes an excellent working place.”

Riina Mathlin

People Specialist

“The be good value represents many things for me, but above all, treating others with kindness and respect. It reminds me that the little everyday things we do and say and how we take others into account through small gestures can make a big impact - being good is what truly brings happiness and fulfillment for me.”

Our values have been with us from day one

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