Europe's largest private AI lab

As a trusted AI partner, we commit to building the best products together with our clients. We bring our state-of-the-art AI expertise and proven track record of AI-driven product development to enhance our clients’ capabilities.

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Successful AI implementations


AI experts employed


AI scientists with PhDs

Humans will remain at the center of most industries.
The way we work, however, will change.

We want to build a world with safe human-centric AI that frees the human mind from manual labour, empowering human creativity. Together with our clients, we make this possible by accelerating human-machine co-operation for collective intelligence.

What we are doing

Bringing cutting-edge AI capabilities to organizations

There’s a clear need for skilled AI scientists to contribute to real-world problems.

Since 2010, part of the Silo AI team has been building AI solutions that have been on-boarded by organizations globally.

We set out as a trusted AI partner to assure that organizations stay competitive at a time when AI is being widely adopted. Our mission is to make sure Europe has a flagship AI company.

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Our journey

Founders from AI and business

Silo AI was founded in 2017 to attain world-class AI talent, and to enable corporations to implement cutting-edge AI through this talent.

The company was founded by Professor Peter Sarlin, ex-Nokia CTO Tero Ojanperä, ex-PwC CEO & Chairman Johan Kronberg, entrepreneur Ville Hulkko, Adjunct Professor Kaj-Mikael Björk and Elektrobit founder Juha Hulkko.

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Peter Sarlin, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Peter Sarlin is the CEO and co-founder of Silo AI, and a Professor of Practice at Aalto University, specializing in machine learning and AI. With a PhD in machine learning, he has a rich academic background that spans roles as a tenured professor, visiting professor and research associate at various academic institutions.Peter's expertise is further recognized by his former roles as Vice Chair of the IEEE Computational Finance and Economics Technical Committee and the IEEE Analytics and Risk Technical Committee. His professional journey includes tenures at the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund, among others.

Headshot of Tero Ojanpera
Tero Ojanperä, PhD
Executive Chairman

Tero Ojanperä has versatile abilities and background at the intersection of technology, business and creativity. Prior to Silo AI Tero has co-founded Visionplus Venture Fund and served as Nokia CTO, Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Research. Tero is one of the most influential thought leaders in Finland.

Headshot of Juha Hulkko
Juha hulkko
Board Advisor

Founder and former CEO and Chairman of Elektrobit. Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Oulu.

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JOhan Kronberg
Board Member

Former CEO and Chairman of PwC Finland. Currently an Associated Partner at Sponsor Capital. Doctor Honoris Causa, Åbo Akademi.

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Kaj-mikael Björk, pHd
Head of Research

Machine Learning specialist with two PhDs, in Optimisation and Information Systems. Background in building and training ML research teams. Director of Risklab, principal lecturer at Arcada and Assistant Professor at Åbo Akademi. Ranked as 6th Machine Learning researcher in Finland by ETLA as the only private sector actor.

Headshot of Ville Hulkko
Ville Hulkko
Business Development

Former Silicon Valley-based AI entrepreneur with experience in commercializing AI-driven products, and bringing them to international markets. Co-founder of Valossa Labs video AI platform, ranked as the 7th most promising AIaaS company globally. Founder of Blackbear Incubator, Palo Alto (CA)

Our values

We live by what we believe in

Our values guide our everyday work and our culture, contributing to ourcommon goal of building AI for People.

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Build bonds

Trust is our bond

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Keep learning

Grow to excel

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Be good

Positive impact

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Ask why

Know your why

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AI ecosytem

Learning and evolving with AI

We are only at the beginning of the AI wave. A wave which will have a massive impact on how we work and live.

We are constantly learning and evolving with this wave while doing our best to contribute to safe human-centric AI. Be that through client projects, knowledge sharing, talent acquisition, internal and external research initiatives or something else.

Where we are

European with a global reach

As Europe's largest private AI lab, Silo AI is on its way to become the European flagship AI company.

Our European offices are primarily located in the Nordics and the Netherlands, with our global HQ being in Helsinki, Finland, and our North American HQ in Canada.

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Together, we build and scale AI as a part of your products.

AI for competitive edge

We help you bring state-of-the-art AI into production to benefit your customers.

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World-class AI expertise

Build cutting-edge AI into your products and elevate your internal AI capabilities by partnering up with Europe’s largest private AI lab.

Customizable AI solutions

Reduce risk and speed up innovation time-to-market with advanced AI solutions and tooling, ready to be tailored for your use case.

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