AI-driven platform to accelerate the green revolution of the construction industry


Betolar, the Finnish pioneer in materials technology, turns industrial side streams into a sustainable business by replacing cement with a side stream-based material. Silo AI supports Betolar's green revolution with low-carbon solutions offering a smart transformation towards a circular economy.

As the first step of this long term partnership, Silo AI ​​built a cloud-based solution with an easy-to-use user interface to manage and analyze data, making data collection and analysis more efficient.

Betolar required a platform to experiment, record trial results, and analyze data to create commercially viable sustainable concrete recipes for concrete manufacturers. This unique platform collects data from several sources and R&D process phases for in-depth research necessary to understand how various recipes from diverse side streams scale to different environments and applications.

This data collection platform has been tailored for low-carbon binders and is, therefore, one of a kind. The continuous data collection produces new information for the researchers daily, allowing Betolar to create innovative and cost-effective recipes. These recipes result in sustainable Geoprime-products that are done entirely without environmentally harmful cement.

"We have together been able to build an environment for our data platform utilizing AI, which will be a competitive edge for Betolar in the near future. Cooperation with Silo AI has been very smooth. The professionals of Silo AI have shown the way in building the necessary scalable infrastructure. There is also an easy-to-use interface built for Betolar which is crucially important in a laboratory environment. Silo AI has been an important part of Betolar’s digitalization journey towards creating greener construction materials.”

Pekka Hintikka



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