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Together with Elomatic, Silo AI develops a digital platform for ship maintenance, asset analysis, and optimization.

Elomatic, an international industrial engineering and consulting company, is partnering with Silo AI, one of Europe's largest private AI labs, to develop a digital platform for ship maintenance, asset analysis, and optimization. The platform is primarily intended for marine and offshore energy industries, but it will also be developed for generic asset lifecycle management and, therefore, can be used in multiple industrial applications also onshore. 

Digital support for planning service and maintenance tasks on ships while at sea

Currently, tasks on ships while at sea are mainly managed through traditional paper documentation, making measuring, analyzing, and improving their processes difficult. Elomatic and Silo AI are building an advanced maintenance and service solution, integrating IoT data from ships and enabling smart inventory management and predictive maintenance to avoid unwanted maintenance breaks. The digital platform will support customers by providing several digital solutions for the service and maintenance of their fleet.

Elevated by AI-powered features, the platform provides service and maintenance information in digital mode with an exceptional UI and UX designed for supporting service tasks. The digitally collected user-created feedback from the technicians on the ship and IoT data from various ship systems will be synchronized with Elomatic cloud service that provides a secure SaaS solution for all customers. Currently, the development of the digital platform is in progress, and Silo AI, with support from the Elomatic team, aims to deploy the solution on a first pilot ship in the summer of 2023.

"We are excited to collaborate with Silo AI to build a next-generation asset management service product that will enable shipowners to become fully digital in their fleet maintenance. The end users of this platform will be executing a large variety of demanding service work orders, and the digital solution will ensure they get just the right amount of information in the right format for them to execute and report the tasks successfully."

Rami Hirsimäki

Senior Vice President of Marine and Offshore Energy


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