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Together with Elomatic, Silo AI has created an asset performance management (APM) system for the maritime industry. The soon-to-be-launched Manta APM will enable ship owners to move towards more sustainable and cost-effective lifecycle management of their fleets.

Wanting to build a market-revolutionizing APM system that would support ship owners and operators by combining industry intel with the latest software, Elomatic, an international industrial engineering and consulting company, and Silo AI began a cross-functional collaboration in 2022.

Elomatic has a deep understanding of the challenges that ship owners and operators face in their day-to-day operations. Meanwhile, Silo AI brings its strong capabilities and proven track record in AI technology, data, and software development to the table. The development process has been a joint effort, bringing together the worlds of maritime engineering and software development.

APM made better with state-of-the-art technology

Manta is an advanced APM system that provides targeted services to increase the lifetime value of a single ship or an entire fleet. With Manta, ship owners can gain a deep understanding of their internal processes, which can help them yield higher returns on investment. Manta can also improve the operational sustainability and safety onboard of the fleet.

In terms of its software, Manta is not just any APM system: it is a smart cloud solution integrated seamlessly with AI-powered edge-computing capabilities on the ship. In a growing market for computerized maintenance management systems, Manta has the potential to provide great value through machine learning and AI in various situations throughout a ship's lifecycle. In the near future, Manta will have features that other APM tools do not, such as actionable condition monitoring and AI-based predictive maintenance support.

While other APM tools may offer predictive maintenance support, they are not based on engine IoT data that is plugged into automated service planning with automated resource allocation and supply chain management. Manta provides a full end-to-end augmentation of the workflow, which is currently done manually.

The Silo AI team fully integrated with Elomatic's team and the world of ship operators, resulting in Manta's technological features fitting the needs of the maritime industry.

“The collaboration with Silo AI couldn’t have been smoother, and the team’s performance has been top-notch. Their software experts have fully dived into the world of ship operators. Silo AI has strong capabilities and proven track record in AI technologies and data-driven applications,” says Ilari Leinonen, Product Owner at Elomatic.

Developed for and together with the maritime industry

Manta has been developed in collaboration with vessel operators and owners, who have been involved in designing and developing the tool's features. A constant feedback loop has enabled Elomatic and Silo AI to build a system that will bring value to its future users.

The Challenge The Solution: Manta The Benefits
Ad-hoc maintenance management impacts the predictability of workload. Helps operators plan, execute, and report onboard maintenance activities and inspections with an easy UI. Added efficiency, increased onboard safety.
Lack of centralised information makes asset management time consuming. Gives easy access to all relevant information concerning ships; assets and equipment. Increased life-time value, higher returns on investment.
Scattered documents cause added work and make it difficult to have an overall view. Attaches documents to work orders, assets, comments, parts, and more. Increased transparency, aided decision making and seamless offshore/onshore collaboration.
Outdated inventories cause unnecessary downtime and prolongs costly breakdowns at sea. Automatically updates ship inventory upon completion of maintenance work. The right spare parts are always at hand when needed.
The market increasingly requires green shipping and decarbonisation actions. Reduces energy consumption of a ship by approximately 2%. Increased operational sustainability.

The now launching first version of the tool is already taking a leap into the future, but more is yet to come. The platform is primarily intended for marine and offshore energy industries, but it will also be developed for generic asset lifecycle management and, therefore, can be used in multiple industrial applications also onshore. 

"We are excited to collaborate with Silo AI to build a next-generation asset management service product that will enable shipowners to become fully digital in their fleet maintenance. The end users of this platform will be executing a large variety of demanding service work orders, and the digital solution will ensure they get just the right amount of information in the right format for them to execute and report the tasks successfully."

Rami Hirsimäki

Senior Vice President of Marine and Offshore Energy


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