Citizens of Silopolis: Mariama Jaiteh, Machine Learning Engineer at Silo AI


Mariama Jaiteh is a highly skilled machine learning engineer with an experimental approach to machine learning and product development. At Silo AI, her title is 'Machine Learning Engineer,' but this role encompasses several areas of expertise. Her responsibilities range from MLOps, DevOps, development engineering, and software-related tasks. Her passion lies in innovating and creating new solutions, and she is driven by the opportunity to turn theoretical concepts into practical applications.

Mariama's non-traditional path to machine learning

Mariama's journey to becoming a Machine Learning Engineer at Silo AI may not be the most traditional one, but she considers herself fortunate to have stumbled upon it. She's been interested in biology and physiology already from a very young age, and somewhat luckily, she discovered bioinformatics. 

While pursuing her Bachelor's degree in biology, Mariama took a course on computer science. During the course, she learned about the history of computers, assembled her own computer tower, and analyzed protein 3D structures. This experience is what Mariama describes as a revelation for her career, and she decided to major in bioinformatics. 

Later, she continued to further her knowledge with a Master's and a PhD degree in computer-aided drug design. Throughout her academic journey, she was exposed to statistics and machine learning, which were essential in biology. These tools helped her model various phenomena and understand trends. 

Upon completing her PhD, Mariama realized that she needed a deeper understanding of how to use machine learning at scale to accelerate drug discovery and solve structural biology questions like structure prediction. To gain a better understanding of how machine learning and operations can be used to address various societal issues, she started working in the artificial intelligence industry.

Work and life in Silopolis

At Silo AI, Mariama operates at the intersection of ML engineering and product development, harnessing MLOps to deliver tools and solutions that clients can use every day. She has a strong interest in product development and finds that ML engineering brings her closer to the process.

Since Silo AI's acquisition of Combient Mix, Mariama has been an integral part of Silo AI's vibrant community called Silopolis. When asked what she enjoys the most at Silo AI, she mentions the unique community and the various social activities we have both locally and virtually at all sites. Silo AI also organizes an annual pre-Christmas gala where Silonauts from all over the world come together, including those from North America, Europe and the Nordics. This year, the gathering is especially anticipated as the Silo AI team has grown from 220 to over 300. This gathering is something that Mariama, like all others, is very much looking forward to. 

An integral part of the Silo AI community is our company values: Build bonds, Keep Learning, Be Good, and Ask Why. For Mariama, Keep Learning is what resonates the most:

"I think that’s a value that encompasses it all. It means growing in all dimensions, requires collaborating with others and a direction."

When Mariama is not working, she enjoys playing the cello, squash, cycling, skateboarding, longboarding, and basketball. 

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