August 31, 2021 9:30 PM

Webinar series: Scaling AI with MLOps – 30min episodes for anyone scaling AI in production

Would you like to have transparency on the full AI development workflow, get the models from experimentation and PoCs to real-life production faster, and scale AI activities across your organization? Watch our webinars for a deep dive into machine learning operations (MLOps) with the Silo AI webinar series. Every Wednesday this September, we walked you through the learnings that we’ve had throughout the myriad of MLOps projects we have been working on.  Our experts presenting in this series have been building MLOps for major financial institutes in the Nordics, working on MLOps to ensure machine learning R&D consistency and quality at a health tech company as well as scaling machine learning operations across global e-commerce and retail giant combining cloud-native services and open source MLOps technologies.


In this webinar series, we zoomed in to a certain aspect of MLOps together with our AI experts. The series is fairly technical and intended for people with a technical background and understanding - like Head of R&D, VP of Engineering, Data Science/Engineering team leaders, or anyone responsible for scaling AI in production.

In this webinar you will learn about:

Expanding your DevOps to AI: A dive into MLOps requirements and stack
Versioning, transparency & governance in ML pipelines
MLOps workflow in the cloud
MLOps productized: How Silo Operating Software enables scaling AI operations faster
How to scale AI – learnings from former Head of AI at H&M & Silo AI

Joining the webinar

Jukka Remes

PhD, Lead AI Solution Architect

Silo AI

Jukka is a PhD in Advanced Analytics with 20+ years of experience from private and public sectors and from small and large organizations. Background in SW & product development, data science, machine/deep learning, environments used in them, information systems and regulatory aspects. Past MLOps project experience from different kinds of client on-prem and cloud environments. Leading MLOps development efforts at Silo AI.

Harry Souris

Senior AI Solutions Architect

Silo AI

Harry’s experience is in the area of Data Science, Machine Learning & Big Data in various roles. Experienced working as a Solution Architect in data & MLOps platforms of financial and medical institutions focusing on the data quality and governance aspects and on productizing ML use cases by establishing proper processes and technologies. He is a master from KTH University of Technology in Sweden in the area of Internet technologies and communication systems.

Mari Kekkonen

PhD, AI Engineer

Silo AI

Mari is a PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Ecology and holds two cloud certifications, AWS Machine Learning - Specialty and AWS Solutions Architect - Associate. She is also a certified Scrum Master and her special skills lie at the intersection of cloud and data. Mari is especially excited about MLOps and she has worked in various projects combining machine learning, NLP, analytics, data engineering, and public cloud.

Moderating the webinar