Get the recording of our webinar to learn from the global retail chain H&M and Norway’s leading online grocery store Oda. In the webinar, the two digital frontrunners share their experiences on aligning business and technology when developing AI-driven products.

In this webinar you will learn about:

The key success factors in ensuring time-to-market and customer value in AI development
The best practices for business and technology to collaborate around developing AI-driven products
How a scalable AI foundation supports rapid product development and launch

Joining the webinar

Madeleine Moritz

Product Owner


Beginning her professional career in digital marketing, Madeleine has always been enthusiastic about the power of understanding customer needs, today and tomorrow. Her H&M journey started as a business controller, working closely with key functions such as buying and sales to ensure that the customer can find what they want, when and where they want it. She quickly learnt the value of turning data into actionable insights. With a passion for continuous improvement and an eagerness to drive change, Madeleine was drawn to tech development, where she could combine her favorite things, business and tech! Today, Madeleine works as a product owner for a machine learning product targeting price optimization, and she uses her experience to ensure that business needs are always the most central part of all development. She believes that with a cross-functional dream team anything is possible!

Kjetil Åmdal-Sævik

AI Strategy & Data Science Lead


Throughout his working life, Kjetil has been drawn to the possibilities of solving problems with data and algorithms. He started his career in consulting, and moved on to leading a data science team within the consumer electronics sector, before he finally found himself at Oda to be a part of building the future of online grocery shopping and logistics with AI. Beginning as a hands-on data scientist in the company, he worked with product recommendations, forecasting, and supply chain optimization algorithms. Later he stepped into a management role, focusing on helping and mentoring both junior and senior data scientists across the company. In parallel, he spent a year as an MLOps Engineer working on infrastructure and internal tooling for data science and ML. He now has a leading role in helping the company at large and its data scientists truly unleash the potential in data and AI on the strategic level, but he still likes to write some code now and then!

Moderating the webinar

Niko Vuokko, PhD

CTO, CBO Smart Things

Silo AI

Dr. Niko Vuokko, Chief Technology Officer, is specialized in fast-growth data-driven B2B, Niko’s expertise spans product, strategy, technology, and business development with a key passion in aligning sales and product. He runs Silo AI's Smart Things business unit and heads Silo AI's offering. Niko holds an olympic medal in mathematics and PhD in data science, and has co-founded, advised, and sat on the board of several digital startups.