Watch this live stream to learn from industry and research leaders about generative AI and ChatGPT through two different keynotes and a panel discussion.

In this webinar you will learn about:

Keynote: GPT-SW3: a first large-scale generative language model in the Nordics
Keynote: Large generative models for a smaller language: GPT-3 for Finnish
Panel discussion: Generative AI and ChatGPT - possibilities and limitations

Joining the webinar

Peter Sarlin, PhD

CEO & Co-founder

Silo AI

Peter Sarlin is CEO and co-founder of Silo AI, one of Europe’s largest private AI labs, and a Professor of Practice in applied ML and AI at Aalto University, as well as a research associate/professor with Imperial College London, London School of Economics, Halle Institute for Economic Research and the University of Cape Town. He is also the Vice President at the IEEE Computational Finance and Economics Technical Committee and previously worked for the ECB and IMF, among others.

Magnus Sahlgren, PhD

Head of Research

NLU, AI Sweden

Magnus is currently Head of Research, NLU at AI Sweden. His former roles include Chief Scientist and co-founder at Gavagai and Senior Expert, Head of NLP at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. Magnus has a PhD in Computational Linguistics from Stockholm University and has served as acting Head of the Computational Linguistics Department at Stockholm University.

Sampo Pyysalo, PhD

Associate Professor

University of Turku

Sampo Pyysalo has been working in applied machine learning for natural language processing for two decades and is currently associate professor in data analytics at the University of Turku. His recent work focuses on large transformer-based language models, including the first transformer-based Finnish model, FinBERT, and upcoming generative models for Finnish based on the GPT-3 architecture. He is a PI of the EU-funded High-performance Language Technologies project that aims to introduce very large open language models for all EU languages, the LUMI pilot project FinnGen, and the LUMI extreme scale project Foundation for Finnish Artificial Intelligence.

Moderating the webinar

Jaakko Vainio, PhD


Silo AI