The 2022 Report

The Nordic State of AI

The annual report, published in November 2022, provides an overview of the use of artificial intelligence in the Nordic region, with the goal of offering business leaders, academics, policymakers, as well as anyone interested, a comprehensive look at what’s really going on in Nordic AI.

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AI maturity is high while there is still plenty of experimentation with AI in progress.


55% of companies surveyed are investing into experimenting with AI in the next 6 months. The gap between AI newcomers and established players is widening.


55% of companies surveyed are investing into experimenting with AI in the next 6 months. The gap between AI newcomers and established players is widening.

Knowledge Gap

Big enterprises are dominating as the knowledge gap widens

The gap between newcomers on the market and established players is widening and the number of new AI startups has started to decline.

Nordic ecosystems share many features but at the same time boast unique capabilities and strengths. We have moved to a stage where the threshold of market entry is rising and business is dominated by large enterprises.

Nordic venture capital investments in AI line chart

VC investments in AI by country. OECD.AI 2022.


AI Insights from the Nordics

Christine Hafskjold

Senior ICT Policy Adviser at the Norwegian Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development

“Our job in the government is to help them better understand the principles of AI and to overcome these fears, while still using AI responsibly. As public authorities, we have a special responsibility to ensure that citizens’ data are handled securely, and that decisions that affect individuals are correct and transparent. I believe that this is possible, and that AI will be essential for providing better public services in the future.”

Janne Järvinen

Mission Lead, Digitalization, Business Finland

“It is essential that we track closely the state of AI in the Nordics as AI continues to be the major game changer in the industry and society for years to come.”

Vanessa Eriksson

CDO at Zenseact

“I believe the adoption of AI in Sweden is very likely to continue to accelerate in most industries, there is no discussion any longer whether it will impact businesses or no. The top use cases that I see most organizations working on, with various levels of maturity and where AI is creating an impact are; the ‘contact center automation’, (product) ‘feature enhancement - optimization’ and ‘risk analytics’. ”

Mads Rydahl

Strategy Evangelist in Cactus Communications, former product lead on Apple’s Siri, and a seasoned expert in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing

“Looking at Denmark’s AI scene from a wider perspective, NLP-based products are seeing more backing now than five years ago, and investment volume is slowly climbing. We’re at the dawn of a golden age of language understanding, and AI penetrates all academic domains, not just Computer Science. With most cutting-edge NLP research performed on English content, local languages often become a distant second priority.”

Peter Sarlin

CEO of Silo AI, Professor at Aalto University

“The use of AI in the Nordics is developing fast, and as our report suggests we are moving into a more mature phase in AI deployment. AI is not considered as a standalone solution anymore, but as an inseparable part of products and services. Many AI startups from only a few years back have disappeared, not because of decreasing AI investments, but rather because of a focus shift in how AI is utilized."

Samuel Kaski

Professor at Aalto University and the University of Manchester and Director of the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence FCAI

”AI has a key role in improving productivity, boosting the economy and complementing humans, which partially offsets shortages in human talent. It also has the potential to address challenges from the energy crisis to climate change and sustainable development. The key to unlocking this potential is developing and studying AI systems and solutions that assist, rather than by-pass, humans.”

Karl Henrik Johansson

Director at Digital Futures and Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

"Nordic-level collaboration plays a crucial role in AI development in Sweden. We know from the past that research and teamwork played a critical role in developing new telecommunication technology generations with Nokia, Ericsson, and many others. Although the main industrial sectors are quite different from one another in Nordic countries, strong collaboration between private and public sectors and academia is vital."

Inka Mero

Founder & Managing Partner, Voima Ventures

“Currently, there’s a strong pull from the consumer’s side for more sustainable products and services as well as data transparency. Older companies are being forced to adapt to new business models in a rapidly changing competitive environment. For example, global technology giants have scaled their expertise and AI capabilities to new industries such as healthcare and consumer retail.”

Serge Belongie

Professor at DIKU and Director of the Pioneer Centre for AI

"The initial hype over what AI can accomplish using large amounts of data and advanced algorithms is beginning to subside. Now, it must also be possible to explain how artificial intelligence arrives at its predictions, so that it is no longer a mystery which no one fully understands, but one which we can use to base a substantial number of important decisions."

Lars Kai Hansen

Professor, Head of section, Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science at Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

“Something Denmark shares with the Nordics is a societal interest in what we are doing in AI. However computational power, as well as lack of relevant data, continue to be a challenge all across Nordics.”

Eija-Leena Koponen

Women in AI

“We really need diversity both in roles developing AI algorithms but also among the people building solutions around algorithms. First and foremost for the sake of a better and more equal, future-proof future, but also because according to the World Economic Forum there will be 97 million jobs emerging by 2025 majority requiring skills in AI, engineering etc. We have now the opportunity to shape the industry and we can't let it pass.”

Klas Pettersen

CEO at

"For all of the Nordic countries, I would like to see more Nordic collaboration. We already share many strengths, such as our common values, trust in public authorities, and a lot of data having been collected over a long period of time."

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AI at the core

AI is at the core of Nordic business but challenges lie in scaling

The Nordic organizations surveyed use AI at the heart of their business – in the products and services they offer.

However, despite a maturing AI ecosystem, many organizations still need to invest more in experimenting, finding AI use cases, implementation AI-powered solutions and finding more talent to work with AI.

Organizational use of AI

As part of product or service


As part of production


As part of back office functions/processes


As part of sales & marketing


As part of customer care & experience


No usage of AI


Not sure




Lack of talent


Lack of shared data practices


Lack of use cases


Lack of data


Lack of scalable infrastructure


Unclear business processes & responsibilities


Insufficent investments


Unclear busines strategy / roadmap


Not sure




Capacity challenges drive agenda


Lack of talent

Talent is difficult to find even at pre-scaling phase.


Lack of data practices

Data volume is needed, but productivity even more.


Lack of investment

Reaching economies of scale is challenging.

More AI to come

More AI solutions on the horizon

AI continues steamrolling forward despite the global situation. The overwhelming majority is planning to adopt more AI within the next 12 months. Only a fraction are not implementing new solutions in the known future.

AI adoption stats
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