Welcome to Silo.AI, Niko Vuokko!

It’s our pleasure to welcome Niko Vuokko to join our team as Lead AI Solutions Architect. In his position Niko will focus on developing our clients’ business objectives and technology strategy to an AI roadmap with clear business value. It’s exciting to add Niko’s unique combination of business and top notch technical skills to our team! 

Niko is ex-Director of Strategy & Business Development of Eniram, former Chief of Data of Sharper Shape and Co-founder of He has worked with several startups as an advisor and coach for their management, developing a solid strategic thinking and leadership skills. 

What comes to his technical side, Niko holds a PhD in data science with strong background in mathematics, and he has been a frequent lecturer and public speaker about data science in business and the future of AI. In his past Niko has done machine learning and data science work on predictive user behavior with Nokia and Metrify, on computer vision from a variety of sensors with Sharper Shape, and on real-time predictive systems with several major consulting clients. He has also been involved in the mathematics Olympics first as a competitor (bronze medallist) and then as a Finnish team coach for 10 years!

– I’m thrilled to join the company that I’ve been following since its beginning. Silo.AI has a vision on how to industrialize AI into a productive part of future software and also the ambition to achieve this at a large international scale, says Niko.

We at Silo.AI are confident that with Niko’s background in deeply technical AI, strategy, and business development he can help our customers leap forward on their AI journey with clarity and confidence. 

Niko will be joining our Helsinki office, although shuffling between our London and Turku offices as needed.

Welcome onboard, Niko!

Interested in discussing how your business can scale your machine learning capabilities with Silo.AI? Set up a meeting with Niko by sending a message to

Pauliina Alanen
Former Head of Brand
Silo AI
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Pauliina Alanen

Former Head of Brand

Silo AI

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