Webinar recap: Intelligent solutions for a sustainable future - with Helen and Bentley

AI enables vast possibilities in smart cities, many of which are already in use today. Last week we hosted a webinar to present a concrete solution that we built together with Helen, and invited Timo Tuukkanen to show how intelligent solutions become visible in Bentley’s digital twin solutions for entire cities.

In the first part of the webinar Mikko Muurinen, Head of Data and AI from Helen and Erling Gulbenkoglu, AI scientist from Silo AI will talk about how Helen is using machine learning to optimize their district heating processes and heat and power production.

In the second part, the infrastructure software company Bentley will showcase how they make various smart solutions and data sets visible through a digital twin, thus providing a city context for planning a more sustainable future. Timo Tuukkanen, Business Development, from Bentley will tell us, how they’ve come up with the intelligent solution and how they are planning to move forward and develop their intelligent operations further in the future.

In the hour-long webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How AI helps smart cities in various aspects, such as water management, sewage pipes, and energy consumption predictions
  • How Silo AI worked with Helen to design, develop and implement a smart solution to improve district heating efficiency
  • How Bentley leverages AI and data in their creation of digital twins for cities such as Helsinki to support decision-making and bring out the city context for engaging city planning

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Joanna Purosto
Former Growth Marketing Lead
Silo AI
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Joanna Purosto

Former Growth Marketing Lead

Silo AI

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