Tesla’s global AI Policy Lead Patrik Gayer to head Silo AI’s global public policy efforts

Headshot image of Patrik Gayer, Head of Global Affairs at Silo AI.

Silo AI is Europe’s largest private AI lab on a mission to ensure Europe has a flagship AI company. SiloGen is the generative AI arm of Silo AI, dedicated to building technology for Europe's digital sovereignty. Last week, the company announced significant additional capabilities to their Poro family of multilingual open source large language models (LLMs), marking a major step in the company’s efforts to strengthen European digital sovereignty and democratize access to LLMs.

Patrik Gayer is joining Silo AI as Head of Global Affairs. Most recently, he led global AI Policy activities at Tesla.

“We’re excited to welcome Patrik to the team. His unique international background in technology policy and experience collaborating with the public sector will play a critical role on our path to build a European AI flagship. As the principles for responsible AI development and deployment are being drafted, it is crucial for Europe's competitiveness that the voice of European developers is heard. With SiloGen, Patrik will play a key role in ensuring we succeed in strengthening Europe’s AI infrastructure and digital sovereignty”, says Silo AI CEO and Co-Founder Peter Sarlin.

Leveraging his experience in government at both the national and EU levels, Patrik will bolster Silo AI’s and SiloGen’s partnerships with governments, regulators, and other public institutions to elevate the quality of public services using AI technology. He will also champion the company’s efforts to ensure that responsible AI and innovation are at the core of AI policy, ensuring both businesses and societies can capture the full value of the technology. Patrik will also oversee communications and media relations.

Patrik Gayer, Head of Global Affairs at Silo AI.

“By joining Europe’s largest private AI lab, I am eager to continue engaging with the AI community in government, civil society, and academia. I look forward to collaborating with experts integrating AI into public service delivery across Europe and beyond. Ensuring Europe’s competitiveness in this transformative technological wave is crucial. I’m a strong advocate of open-source technology and see it as key to ensuring AI benefits society widely, so joining a company that is a
founding member of the AI Alliance aligns strongly with my personal values”, says Patrik.

Patrik has considerable expertise in navigating the intersection of technology and policy. As the global AI Policy Lead at Tesla, he was at the forefront of the rapidly evolving global AI policy landscape. Among many other activities, Patrik recently participated in the inaugural AI Insight Forum in the U.S. Senate and in the AI Safety Summit at Bletchley Park. Previously, he served as Special Adviser to the Finnish Minister of Defence and in international leadership roles at consultancies. Patrik holds a masters degree in public administration from Harvard University.

Further information:

Patrik Gayer
Head of Global Affairs
+35840 722 66 44

Peter Sarlin, PhD
CEO & Co-Founder
+358 40 572 7670


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+358 40 572 7670

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