Silo AI strengthens its team with Mika Laukkanen and Mika Aho, two pioneers in data and AI strategy

Silo AI strengthens its team and operations with two pioneers in data analytics and machine learning: Mika Laukkanen and Mika Aho. Both will bring new senior expertise to Silo AI, further extending our offering in the data advisory landscape. In addition, Mika and Mika will also focus on a wider contribution through Silo AI’s ecosystem initiative, Finland’s Artificial Intelligence Accelerator. FAIA is initiated as a joint venture by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Technology Industries of Finland and Silo AI.

Silo AI is heavily committed to supporting the domestic AI ecosystem through FAIA and related ecosystem activities. With Mika and Mika joining the team, FAIA will increase its presence and expand its ways of helping companies utilize AI, better matching the increased demand towards its services. 

Mika and Mika have a common background in being the founders behind Louhia Analytics, a pioneer in machine learning in Finland. The company was acquired by Bilot in 2018. As Lead AI Solution Strategists, they will help clients succeed in translating business visions and goals into data and AI requirements, and ensuring investments into AI will deliver substantial business value.

Mika Laukkanen has over 20 years of experience in helping companies turn their data assets into valuable business insights. Over the years, he has served dozens of companies in line of AI, business intelligence, data warehousing and advanced data analytics.

As mentioned, Mika was also the co-founder and CEO of Louhia Consulting and Louhia Analytics from 2009-2018. Both companies focused on machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, as well as business intelligence consulting services. After Louhia, Mika has worked as an advisory consultant, helping companies with data strategies and AI initiatives.   

Mika Laukkanen says:

"I’m very happy be able to help companies to onboard machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions, as well as provide strategic guidance. Silo AI’s ecosystem work is of high importance helping Finnish innovations and competitiveness."

Mika Aho holds a D. Sc. (Tech.) in Information and Knowledge Management from Tampere University of Technology. Mika has long experience in information management, digital transformation, implementing AI & data strategies and fostering data-driven business development from over a hundred projects from numerous different industries and customers. Most recently Mika has been working in retail and finance industries building and operationalizing data & AI strategies to drive customer experience and business growth.

After Louhia Analytics was acquired by Bilot, Mika led their advisory services business and built new services around the strategic use of data. Prior to Louhia, Mika was working on various management and consultancy roles in the IT sector, including CGI, Enfo Rongo, Solita, Modulight and Nokia.

Mika Aho comments:

“I am super excited to join the hottest AI scaleup in Europe to further extend Silo AI’s offering in the data advisory landscape and participate in FAIA development. AI often plays a key role in enabling the business opportunities identified in data strategies. However, AI alone is not a silver bullet. We need to build proper data infrastructures and data pipelines around it, ensure organizations have the right skills and competencies to benefit from it, and guarantee it is integrated to business processes and operations while taking care of the legality. Not to mention the change management and gaining C-level commitment, which often are the trickiest part.”

Alexander Törnroth,  Head of FAIA and Ecosystem activities at Silo AI, comments:

“With Mika & Mika on board we are able to step up our AI ecosystem activities in an unprecedented way. During the rest of 2020, FAIA will have a strong focus on industrial companies and helping them leverage AI. Bringing such seasoned experts with their entrepreneurial backgrounds into the equation will benefit the whole ecosystem.”

FAIA is organizing new initiatives that support companies in onboarding AI during the upcoming fall. New activities include a beginner’s batch for the construction industry, created in collaboration with KiraHub, an organization focused on sustainable digitalisation of the built environment. 

In addition, FAIA is contributing to the Lahjoita Puhetta-campaign, and is creating a report on the “State of AI in Finland'' to encapsulate the domestic AI landscape and expertise and serve as a platform for the Finnish AI community. 

Interested in discussing with Mika Laukkanen or Mika Aho? Get in touch with them at or at

Pauliina Alanen
Former Head of Brand
Silo AI
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Pauliina Alanen

Former Head of Brand

Silo AI

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