Silo AI responds to growth in SiloGen by appointing Dr. Seppo Kuula to lead the services business

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One of Europe’s largest private artificial intelligence labs, Silo AI, is restructuring its operations to cater to the growing demand for generative AI. The company’s subsidiary SiloGen, headed by Silo AI CEO and co-founder Peter Sarlin, will continue to develop technology for large language models and generative AI, while Dr. Seppo Kuula takes over as Managing Director of the Silo AI services business.

  • Silo AI restructures by splitting into two distinct arms: services and products.
  • The company continues to grow its services business internationally with newly appointed Managing Director Dr. Seppo Kuula at the lead.
  • Silo AI CEO and co-founder Peter Sarlin, will continue to also run the company’s product initiatives.
  • The company’s product subsidiary SiloGen will continue to develop large language models and generative AI technology.

Dividing into services and products strengthens Silo AI’s position as a European flagship AI company. The company can better serve its clients by responding to the increasing demand for generative AI technology, while continuing to scale its AI services business globally with Seppo Kuula at the lead.

Peter Sarlin, Silo AI CEO and co-founder, comments:

“The split provides the needed resources for the continued growth of both entities. Seppo has proven experience in successfully leading service businesses, which allows us to give the necessary attention to also growing SiloGen. We are aiming to double our headcount on the product side within this year.”

SiloGen to develop fine-tuned language models

Initiatives on independent, accessible and transparent LLMs are imperative to ensure digital sovereignty in AI, while the demand for domain-specific fine-tuning of LLMs is rapidly growing. Most importantly, there is a need for LLMs that can be finetuned and instructed to be optimal for a wide range of specialized use cases, and eventually allow for the processing of private, proprietary and confidential data.

Peter Sarlin, Silo AI CEO and co-founder, says:

“The demand is indisputable. Since SiloGen’s launch in April, we are already using our technology to develop fine-tuned LLMs for a large number of customers, while now also building foundation models. We need digital sovereignty in AI at large, and foundation models in particular, on top of which downstream applications and value creation eventually happen.“

By the end of the year, SiloGen aims to have doubled in size, while expansion into new markets is also securely on the horizon, as exemplified by the recent acquisition of Dutch-based Radboud University spin-off Machine2Learn.

Seppo Kuula to run the continued growth of Silo AI’s services business

Through the appointment of Dr. Seppo Kuula as Managing Director of Silo AI’s services business, the company is adding seniority to its management team. Kuula has been one of the main drivers behind the growth of technology companies, such as Nethawk, Siili Solutions, Enfo and Unikie, succeeding in utilizing technological transformation as a driver for growth in the companies he has led. Kuula joins Silo AI’s high-concentration of academic talent, with a doctorate in Industrial Engineering. In his doctoral thesis, he explored both product and service business models in relation to co-creation with clients and ecosystems at large.

Seppo Kuula, Managing Director, Services at Silo AI, says:

“We are facing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to respond to the most significant technological advancement during the past 30 years. As a market leader, we have the deep know-how and solutions needed to help customers bring AI into their products and on the roadmap of their product development”.

The restructuring of the company’s business operations is a critical step for Silo AI’s continued growth on the path to building a European flagship AI company. Together with clients, the company will continue to define value creation with AI. Silo AI will continue to grow their team of AI experts with an immediate focus on expanding their concentration of generative AI and LLM experts across Europe.

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