Silo AI expands with the opening of a new office in Copenhagen

Silo AI expands with the opening of a new office in Copenhagen, Denmark. Having a well-established foothold in the Nordics, with a team of about 100 PhDs and close to 200 experts in total, Denmark is a natural choice on the company’s growth path. Silo AI is already collaborating with several major Danish companies, including Danske Bank and Envision Energy Denmark. Silo AI aims at helping Danish firms gain competitive advantage by developing next-generation AI capabilities as part of their product R&D.

Denmark was chosen as the next market for Silo AI thanks to its strong talent base and considerable business opportunities. Silo AI intends to expand their team of AI scientists and engineers rapidly in Denmark, building an important strategic hub for AI talent for the local businesses.

“There is significant push for AI in Denmark, from government, industry, and academia. However, it's early days and most companies are struggling to cross the chasm between PoCs and industrial applications. At Silo AI, we have done this for years and I see a tremendous opportunity here to help companies move from experiments to real, value-creating AI.”, says Ståle Fredlund Husby, Managing Director at Silo AI Denmark. 

Silo AI works with a global clientele and functions as a long-term partner ensuring companies succeed on their AI journey. In Denmark, Silo AI intends to help companies within its largest customer segments: smart industry, smart cities, and smart devices: Some of Silo AI’s current customers in Denmark include Danske Bank and Envision Energy Denmark, part of the Envision Group.

“For us, working with a strong partner such as Silo AI has helped us accelerate our maturity in data science. This is an important topic for the bank and utilizing their top-notch expertise in setting a direction and accelerating our work is an important part in reaching a scalable support on data science to the business,” says Michael Aamand, Vice President & Head of Data Science Engineering, Danske Bank.

“Silo AI has with their strong professionalism within machine learning been a core partner for Envision Energy to implement in-house developed computer vision for wind turbine blade manufacturing. This technology provides excellent opportunities to further optimize our production processes and quality control system,” comments Lars Overgaard, Director of Global Innovation Centre (GIC) at Envision, the world's leading smart wind power technology and energy storage solution company.

According to Silo AI’s CEO Peter Sarlin, Denmark marks an important milestone on the company’s growth path in that it extends Silo AI’s presence in the Nordics: “Companies in Denmark are technology-savvy, global industry leaders, and are ready to start scaling their AI operations. With Ståle Fredlund Husby leading the team in Denmark, we’ve worked hard to build the initial client base in Denmark, and I’m excited to see us extend our cooperation with clients like Danske Bank and Envision.”

In addition to the latest new office in Denmark, Silo AI has technical AI expert teams in Finland and in Sweden. As one of the largest AI labs in Europe, Silo AI strives to connect leading AI scientists with real-world problems and help companies succeed in building cutting-edge AI.


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