Silo AI and Tekniska verken bring AI to sewage pipes

The computer vision solution empowers employees with intelligent awareness of foreign objects and potential blockages in sewage pipes.

Silo AI, the largest private AI lab in the Nordics, and Swedish municipal infrastructure company Tekniska verken are today announcing their collaboration in creating AI-powered solutions to improve sewage pipe monitoring and maintenance. The AI solution, currently in use at the Swedish municipality of Linköping, leverages various computer vision models that aim at identifying objects in the sewage pipes. The collaboration between the two companies permits more efficient and reliable sewage pipe management, thus contributing to Tekniska verken’s goal of creating a more sustainable society.

The AI solution consists of several computer vision models that identify objects, and flag any potential blockages, leaks, problematic or ambiguous objects to the human operator to be verified. The solution’s machine learning capabilities also enable learning from each passing defect and foreign object, resulting in improving the solution and the level of automation over time.

Tekniska verken works with over 260,000 private and business customers in various fields of infrastructure such as water and waste management.

– The AI solution increases safety and reliability of the pipe network in the entire region of Linköping. Computer vision technologies are particularly apt for improving monitoring and situational awareness as they can seamlessly support our employees in their laborious monitoring and maintenance work. Thanks to Silo AI’s expertise, we’ve been able to build a modern AI-powered system that meets today’s requirements, says Fredrik Danell, Business Developer at Tekniska verken.

– With Tekniska verken, we’ve had the pleasure to build and to implement a solution that supports their employees in their work, and enables them to focus on higher-value creating tasks. With the computer vision-powered tool assisting Tekniska verken employees, they are able to provide faster response and react on time to any anomalies in the pipe network, says Peter Sarlin, CEO at Silo AI.


Silo AI

Silo AI is the largest AI solution and service provider in the Nordics that solves the most strenuous challenges in machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing. Silo AI aims at being a trusted partner that brings AI into product development and delivers AI-driven solutions and products. The company serves clients across several industries on four continents. Some Silo AI solutions include a tool for the Finnish airline Finnair to improve situational awareness and a tool to improve water quality at water treatment facilities for the global leading engineering company Ramboll.

Tekniska verken

Tekniska verken is a municipal company that creates benefits in the everyday life of approximately 260,000 private and business customers by offering a wide range of products. They include electricity, lighting, water, district heating, district cooling, waste management, broadband, biogas, efficient energy solutions as well as electricity trading. By connecting production processes and creating a common context between different parts of the business, Tekniska verken is in an almost unique position to contribute to a sustainable society.


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Pauliina Alanen

Former Head of Brand

Silo AI

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