Silo AI and Finnish Center for AI introduce a joint offering to bring cutting-edge AI research into product development

Silo AI and the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence (FCAI) are expanding their cooperation by announcing a joint service offering to bring cutting-edge AI research into product development. As one of the Academy of Finland’s flagships, FCAI is the leading nationwide competence center for AI in Finland, initiated by Aalto University, University of Helsinki, and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. To combine FCAI’s leading AI researchers and Silo AI’s capability in building AI-driven products and solutions, the organizations are introducing a joint service offering. The intent is to help clients validate and implement the toughest real-world challenges in AI, and to bring a competitive edge to clients when moving from an idea to a product.

With AI becoming an integral part of everyday products, organizations need to explore new ways to integrate AI as part of their R&D and product development strategy. To keep their competitive edge, this requires innovation around existing products as well as exploring potential new avenues for product development. Silo AI has a strong track record in helping its clients succeed on their AI journey, bringing AI into product development and delivering AI-driven products. With FCAI, Silo AI is now launching a new service offering that extends our R&D and product development services with FCAI’s world-class research expertise. For Silo AI, this allows keeping the focus on delivering production-level AI solutions and products, while also involving some of the leading AI researchers in the field. And for clients, this implies making sure that the latest developments in specific research fields are integrated into the products and solutions that are built. 

Peter Sarlin

“We at Silo AI are proud to initiate a symbiotic collaboration with leading researchers and research groups at FCAI. Delivery capability is strengthened through cooperation with research institutes, whereas world-class research benefits from a direct interface to the real world. We strongly believe we can together create more value to the industry by combining cutting-edge research with our capabilities in delivering products,” says Peter Sarlin, CEO of Silo AI.

While the primary focus is on clients and an improved service offering, the collaboration is also beneficial for both FCAI and Silo AI. Silo AI has the chance to further deepen its cooperation with leading academic talent, whereas this allows FCAI researchers to deepen their ties to industry and improve their understanding of real-world cases.

Samuel Kaski, Professor at Aalto University and Director of FCAI says:

"We look forward to working with the Nordics’ largest AI company on real-world AI, to further advance real-world use of cutting-edge AI. We believe that the opportunity to use the latest research results is a competitive advantage that companies could utilize much more than they currently do. It also aligns well with FCAI’s mission "Real AI for Real People in the Real World". With the joint service offering piloted now, we are excited to deepen the cooperation with Silo AI and view this as an important addition to the ways we can impact society and industry”

New projects leveraging the joint service offering will start in the fall of 2021. Would you like to take your product development to the next level with Silo AI and FCAI?


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Pauliina Alanen

Former Head of Brand

Silo AI

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