Silo AI and AILiveSim partner to help clients scale AI initiatives

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Silo AI, one of Europe’s largest private Artificial Intelligence (AI) labs, announces a partnership with AILiveSim, a provider of simulation technology and synthetic data for autonomous vehicles. As a result of this partnership, Silo AI will be able to deliver increased efficiency to clients, when scaling AI initiatives. For the past years, Silo AI has taken a data-centric development perspective in many computer vision and perception use cases, with the aim to provide end-to-end capability required for successful adoption of AI. This partnership covers a focus on maritime and heavy machinery.

Data-centric AI represents a paradigm shift that focuses on the quality of data for a given model, rather than a focus on producing the best model for given data. Data-centric AI is an approach to increase model performance and reduce development time of production-grade AI solutions.

Silo AI is committed to data-centric development with the end-to-end capability required for successful adoption of AI. Silo AI’s proprietary tooling and offering, covering data annotation, data quality monitoring  and data services, ensure informed development decisions to accelerate the creation of high quality data-sets for performant and reliable AI models. Within computer vision, perception and autonomous vehicles, Silo AI has helped clients with data-centric AI development for the past few years from data acquisition to solution design, development, and testing. This partnership covers in particular a focus on maritime and heavy machinery, with a focus on synthetic data for specific virtual models and controlled environments.

“We’re excited to partner with AILiveSim and their intelligent synthetic data platform as this complements our capabilities to help our clients succeed with data-centric AI development. For the past years, Silo AI has been committed to tapping into data generation and annotation as key elements for production-grade AI development. With previous experience from serving joint clients, this partnership aims to expand joint activities with AILiveSim on data-centric AI development.” says Silo AI’s CEO, Peter Sarlin.

AILiveSim is committed to automating synthetic data generation, empowering development teams to get the right data when they need it. With a strong team in AI, robotics and video game technology, AILiveSim has built technology to accelerate innovation in AI projects that use camera, Lidar or radar as main sensors, precisely controlling thousands of parameters to generate high quality data. AILiveSim allows companies to create their own virtual machines, scenes and sensor configurations, and integrate their own software assets and test framework into a complete data-enabled development infrastructure. This partnership will speed up AI development, allowing companies to bring smart machines to market faster.

“We are very excited and humbled by this partnership. Silo AI is doing a lot of things right. They have attracted exceptional talent and gained immense experience with their customers. On top of our current offering, our customers will now have the option to develop full solutions from design to deployment that include simulation and synthetic data. The most thrilling part for me is the joint vision on the future of AI,” says AILiveSim’s CEO Jerome Leudet.

This partnership offers customers faster development cycles, enabled by automated and accurately guided synthetic data generation, along with state of the art data annotation and data quality monitoring. We look forward to sharing more about our joint vision on the future of AI in the near future.


Silo AI

Silo AI is Europe’s largest private AI lab on a mission to ensure Europe has a flagship AI company. We’re a trusted AI partner that brings competitive advantage to product R&D. We build AI-driven solutions and products to enable smart devices, autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0, and smart cities. Silo AI provides its customers unique access to world-class AI models and expertise, as well as the SiloGen model-as-a-service platform. As part of SiloGen, Silo AI is currently building market leading open source LLMst to ensure European digital sovereignty and democratize access to LLMs.


AILiveSim is a young innovative company developing a synthetic data platform that accelerates sensor-based AI development. We use gaming technology and AI to empower developers and deliver integrated data and in the loop automation. The AILiveSim platform and content services provides customers in maritime, heavy machinery, defense, and security with an unmatched opportunity to train, test and validate software in customized virtual environments, reducing drastically data costs and accelerating product time to market. Established in 2018 in Finland, AILiveSim serves customers in Europe, US and Asia, providing easy access to the right data, anytime.

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