Webinar recap: AI & Smart cities during Covid-19 outbreak

Last week we were thrilled to host our first webinar in the Smart cities webinar series chat with Mika Aaltonen, Foresight Researcher, Tero Ojanperä, Chairman, Silo.AI & former CTO of Nokia and Niko Vuokko, Lead Solution Architect, Silo.AI. The webinar was hosted by our Business development executive Juha Reini.

The recording of the webinar is now available. In the webinar, we first go through a demo of our Physical distance analyzer, a computer vision tool to help cope with physical distancing in the times of Covid-19 outbreak, and then open up discussion in the form of a fireside chat.

Listen to the webinar to learn:
- Epidemic risk is becoming part of regular risk management: How can businesses systematically reduce contagion risk in their premises? The case of Physical distance analyzer.
- How can businesses adapt and ensure safety with the help of AI?- How to leverage AI and modern technologies such as computer vision to manage physical distancing and still maintain privacy?
- What technical choices have been made to preserve privacy and what is the reasoning behind these?

In the demo of our Physical distancing analyzer, we show how it provides

  • A detailed analysis of physical distancing, age groups, and mask use
  • Automated statistics, including rush hours and bottleneck spaces
  • Data to test impact from policies, modifications, and other safety efforts
  • Basis for better messaging towards visitors

In addition, we discuss some of the best practices in terms of our privacy-by-design approach in building the solution

Best practices

  • Solution design based on a privacy threat model
  • Following EU guidelines on privacy: GDPR legislation + recent AI whitepaper
  • Inclusion of social science aspect in the solution design

Specific countermeasures:

  • No identifiable information stored, anonymization prior to data processing
  • Data analysis occurs on the premises, no processing in the cloud
  • No constant monitoring by humans, automatic conversion into crowd-level analytics
Silo.AI's Physical distance analyzer.

Next webinar: AI & Smart industry June 24

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Pauliina Alanen
Former Head of Brand
Silo AI
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Pauliina Alanen

Former Head of Brand

Silo AI

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