Professor Slawomir Nowaczyk joins Silo AI Sweden to empower Swedish companies with state-of-the-art AI

Silo AI Sweden gets a strong addition to the team as Professor Slawomir Nowaczyk joins us as a Lead AI Scientist. Slawomir is also a Professor in Machine Learning at the Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research (CAISR), School of Information Technology, Halmstad University, Sweden, and an experienced researcher in machine learning. Slawomir brings world-class experience and competence in academic research on and industry applications of state-of-the-art AI across many different areas, including automotive, energy, manufacturing and healthcare. Together with among others Professor Hedvig Kjellström, Peter Vesterberg and Anders Gustafsson, Silo AI Sweden team is growing to meet the increasing demand by customers on the Swedish market. 

Experience in research projects with Volvo Group and more

Slawomir has a PhD in Computer Science from Lund University, and has published many highly-cited papers on both the methods and applications of AI and machine learning. After a postdoc in Cracow, Poland, Slawomir pursued his career at the Halmstad University, Sweden, where for the last decade he has contributed to the growth of the CAISR research group, expanding from less than 20 people in 2010 to more than 50 today. During his extensive academic career, he has led and participated in several research projects, funded by different agencies, mainly Vinnova & KK-Foundation, but also EU programs. Slawomir has gained significant experience in applying machine learning to real-world use cases through collaborating with the industry in his research projects, including in particular those with Volvo Group.

At Silo AI, Slawomir will be helping our clients on building digital solutions and products that leverage sophisticated machine learning in challenging real-world environments:

“What machine learning empowers you with, is the ability to learn from experience and adapt to a changing environment. All truly reliable and aware systems must learn like this, similarly to us humans. I’m interested in building AI-driven solutions that find the right models and the right way to represent the knowledge acquired. 

Challenge: Ways for humans and artificial intelligence to work together

Slawomir believes that the most important challenge today is to find good ways for human and artificial intelligence to work together.

“Neither one alone is capable of solving the great challenges that lie ahead, but the combination of those two very different competencies most certainly can. It is not about AI replacing humans, it’s about humans who use AI replacing those who do not.”

“AI has a huge potential for companies in all areas of our lives, from automotive to healthcare. Interdisciplinary solutions will be key in creating truly intelligent systems. I believe that Silo AI’s success in building a 100-person team in three years has shown the need for scientists to help companies become truly smarter.”, he goes on. 

“It’s great to get Slawomir with his long experience in applied machine learning to strengthen our team in Sweden. His recent research topics like transfer learning and representation learning are all areas that are being applied in industry. With Slawomir’s strong scientific background we will be able to better help our Swedish customers with the development of AI-driven solutions and products, especially related to manufacturing, automotive and logistics”, says CEO Peter Sarlin.

Warm welcome aboard, Slawomir!

Ready to kick off your journey with AI? Get in touch with Slawomir via email at or on LinkedIn.


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Pauliina Alanen
Former Head of Brand
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Pauliina Alanen

Former Head of Brand

Silo AI

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