MySpeaker and Silo AI set out to help people become better speakers through personal AI-driven feedback

Public speaking is perhaps one of the most complex human skills to master. MySpeaker, a leading Nordic speaker and communications bureau, partnered with Silo AI to build a reinvented public speaking learning platform, powered by a unique AI engine. Through advanced speech processing and computer vision technologies, MySpeaker Rhetorich platform is able to provide personal feedback and insights that helps aspiring public speakers to learn from their own behavior. 

Advanced AI-technologies gives the speaker personalized advice

The smart solution is powered by advanced speech processing technologies and computer vision that enable it to provide insights and feedback on the speaker’s posture and spoken content. Through a wide range of speech processing technologies, MySpeaker Rhetorich platform is able to analyze things like complexity of the spoken content, speaking pace and amount of pauses, as well as filler words and fluidity. In addition, MySpeaker Rhetorich leverages the latest computer vision techniques to analyze the presenter’s posture and facial expressions, giving valuable feedback on things like general appearance as well as a variety of facial expressions.

Galith Nadbornik, MySpeaker’s Chief Technologist, who has been leading the technical development of the platform, comments the collaboration:
– Working with Silo AI on the AI capabilities of our application has proven extremely fruitful. We’re extremely happy to have chosen a partner whose top-notch scientists are well informed of the latest computer vision and speech processing technologies, and know how to apply them to a real-world use case like this.

Peter Sarlin, CEO at Silo AI says:
– It’s been great to work with MySpeaker on rapid development of such an exciting product with modern computer vision and speech processing. Together with MySpeaker, we’re on the path of empowering people with better skills in expressing themselves. Having cutting-edge technologies used to help aspiring public speakers is a great pleasure.

Silo AI has been co-creating MySpeaker Rhetorich platform and its AI engine together with the team, Christophe Buyle, Galith Nadbornik, and André Noël Chaker.

Developed by renowned speakers for speakers

The vision for MySpeaker Rherorich is led by André Noël Chaker, an award-winning speaker with years of research in the field. In his opinion, having an application that is able to give precise and objective feedback in a clear dashboard view is useful for a presenter of any level:

– Public speaking is incredibly personal, and having a platform like MySpeaker Rhetorich tell you how to become better at it, is hugely valuable. I’m extremely happy with the results that we’ve reached together with Silo AI, as their expert team was able to quickly put together the solution that we have now open for testing. We’re looking forward to extending the collaboration further with Silo AI. 

As the next step, MySpeaker and Silo AI will take in learnings and feedback from the on-going Beta Test.

– We’re looking forward to getting a wide variety of speakers, from different cultural backgrounds and skill levels, Nadbornik adds.


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