Mikael Lillback joins Silo AI to speed up the development of smart vehicles

We're thrilled to welcome Mikael Lillback to our business development team as a Business Development Executive. At Silo AI, Mikael will focus on smart vehicles and the automotive ecosystem to make their AI-driven future a reality faster. Smart vehicles as a sector encompass vast potential for sophisticated software and systems based on AI, such as advanced driver-assistance systems and data-driven mobility solutions.

Mikael's passion is customer success by co-creating unique solutions for end customers’ needs on which he has focused throughout his career. Mikael has 30 years of experience with large international corporations covering sales, technology consulting, crafting digital solutions, software development, managed services, and operations. From this experience, Mikael has gained the smarts to take our clients developing smart vehicles towards the future they want.

Mikael is always looking to improve and to innovate. Since 2016 Mikael has enjoyed working with Finnish start-up companies with an emphasis on sales, business development covering emerging technologies, co-creation, design thinking, and automotive products and services.

Mikael comments: "I'm very excited to join the largest AI company in the Nordics, and collaborate with colleagues to shape the future with the help of AI. My journey continues with smart vehicles to boost business growth now with long-lasting AI solutions and services for enhanced user experiences".

Silo AI’s VP Business Development and Sales, Pertti Hannelin comments: “It’s great to have Mikael, and his experience with automotive and smart vehicle development to the team! With his background and personal networks we look forward to further developing our current operations related to various use cases in smart vehicles, including advanced driver-assistance systems and data-driven mobility solutions.”

A warm welcome to the team, Mikael!

Ready to kick off your journey with AI? Get in touch with Mikael via email at or on LinkedIn.


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Pauliina Alanen
Former Head of Brand
Silo AI
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Pauliina Alanen

Former Head of Brand

Silo AI

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