Europe’s largest private artificial intelligence lab expands to Canada

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VANCOUVER - One of Europe’s largest private artificial intelligence labs, Silo AI, is expanding to Canada and opening an office in Vancouver B.C. Silo AI is planning to build a strong presence in Canada with a team of 50 PhD-level AI experts, and will open another AI hub later in 2023.

The experts in applied AI were attracted to B.C. by the region’s world-class AI research as well as the significant business opportunities in maritime, mining and industrial companies. As a strategic partner in AI, Silo AI already collaborates with several Canadian companies and recently formed an industry partnership with the world-leading AI research institute, Mila – Quebec AI Institute.

Peter Sarlin, Silo AI CEO and co-founder, says:
"Canada was a natural choice for us due to its prosperous AI ecosystem, strong local talent base, and significant business opportunities. In addition, Vancouver’s prime location allows us to access the wider market in British Columbia, supporting our path in providing companies in North America a unique access to world-class AI expertise. This expansion is an important step for Silo AI on our path to extend our reach to North America.”

Brenda Bailey, Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation, says:
“Vancouver’s tech sector is an attractive place to do business and it’s encouraging to see companies like Silo AI build a presence in B.C. and add to our thriving tech community. Not only will this expansion create well paying jobs for British Columbians but it will strengthen our innovation economy and build on our reputation as a leader in North America for tech job growth.”

Canadian companies looking to build safe, human-centric AI, can now turn to Silo AI’s growing team of more than 250 AI experts, of which more than half have PhDs in AI, covering topics like machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. With a 10-people strong team in Vancouver, Silo AI is now expanding its office to better serve its local clients in industries like mining, maritime and automotive. More widely, Silo AI aims to contribute to AI-initiatives at industry-leading companies in the Greater Vancouver Area as well as more generally contribute to a thriving local AI community.

Silo AI was originally founded to connect leading AI scientists with real-world problems and help companies succeed in building cutting-edge AI. The company is committed to creating new job opportunities for the local tech community and expects to establish another AI hub in Canada in 2023, further contributing to the growth of the Canadian AI community.

As part of their launch in Canada, Silo AI is bringing together leading AI researchers, industry practitioners, the local Vancouver AI community, and the Honourable Brenda Bailey, B.C.’s Minister of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation, later today to a unique launch event in Vancouver.

The event, focusing on “AI research meets Industry," will cover a keynote from Prof. Yoshua Bengio, Founder and Scientific Director at Mila – Quebec AI Institute, as well as a welcoming speech from Minister Bailey. Other speakers will include Professor Greg Mori, Research Director at Borealis AI, Sean Kennedy, Data and AI Lab Leader at Bell Labs, Nokia, Shahram Tafazoli, Chief of Artificial Intelligence at The Weir Group, Professor Peter Sarlin, CEO and Co-Founder at Silo AI, as well as Dr. Niko Vuokko, CTO at Silo AI.

Yoshua Bengio, Professor, Founder and Scientific Director of Mila – Quebec AI Institute, says:
“It’s great to see our partner Silo AI open an office in Canada. Mila and Silo AI both share the mission to tackle real-world problems and build world-class AI solutions, relying on state-of-the-art machine learning research.”

Sean Kennedy, AI Research Lab Leader, Bell Labs, Nokia, says:
"I am excited to welcome Silo AI and its strong AI team to Canada and look forward to building on the relationship we have in Europe"

Shahram Tafazoli, Chief of Artificial Intelligence, Weir Motion Metrics, says:
“Weir Motion Metrics and Silo AI share a focus on connecting cutting-edge AI research to industry problems. Beyond the mining industry, we welcome Silo AI to believe many companies in the Greater Vancouver region can benefit from Silo AI’s expertise and experience in taking AI to production.”

Greg Mori, Professor, Research Director, Borealis AI, says:
“I warmly welcome Silo AI to Vancouver. The company’s dedication to innovative AI applications in industry is impressive. Silo AI serves as a great example of how academia and industry can collaborate to solve complex problems in creative ways.”

Dr. Alaa Khamis, Adjunct Professor at Ontario Tech, and Lecturer at University of Toronto, says:
”It’s great to see Silo AI build their presence in Canada. The team has great potential to help Canadian companies build state-of-the-art AI.”

Rami Hirsimäki, Senior Vice President, Marine & Offshore at Elomatic, says:
“I am happy to see Silo AI expand its world-class AI team to the Greater Vancouver area and to collaborate with Elomatic on driving forward innovative solutions for the marine industry in the region.”

About Silo AI

Silo AI is one of Europe’s largest private AI labs – a trusted AI partner that brings competitive advantage to product R&D. We build AI-driven solutions and products to enable smart devices, autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0, and smart cities. Silo AI provides its customers a unique access to world-class AI expertise, as well as the Silo OS infrastructure to speed up AI development and deployment. Established in 2017, Silo AI is on a mission to build a European flagship AI company, with offices currently in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland and Canada.


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Peter Sarlin, PhD
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Peter Sarlin is the CEO and co-founder of Silo AI, one of Europe’s largest private AI labs, and a Professor of Practice in applied ML and AI at Aalto University. He has spent his career at the intersection of academia and industry, deploying state-of-the-art AI into products of large corporations and startups. Peter has a PhD in applied machine learning and a pedigree as research professor/associate from top universities like Imperial College London, London School of Economics, Stockholm University, IWH Halle, University of Technology Sydney and the University of Cape Town, and has previously worked for the ECB and IMF, among others.

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