Business as (un)usual

We’re experiencing exceptional, unusual times that are affecting all of us. Despite changes during the past week, we’ve still at Silo.AI been able to progress with business as usual: taking care of each other and our customers. 

This has required us to adapt to new situations, learn new ways of working, help each other in new environments and all of this in a virtual setting. I'm proud of how well we've managed through the first weeks of remote work, while adapting to the needs of our customers and those of our own. The new situation requires more communication, more facilitation and more flexibility, and has yielded novel ways of keeping in touch and sharing learnings and knowledge. The entire team has quickly tackled the new situation and gotten up to speed with everyday tasks, and all that with a great, positive attitude. 

What makes me most proud, and depicts our strength as a team, is to see how we're embracing the core of Silo.AI, our values: build bonds, be good, ask why and keep learning. We use trust as our bond, we strive for positive impact & results, we aim at knowing our why and we continuously grow to excel.

Shifting to a remote setting faces different challenges compared to running a remote operation for a longer period. As we've now managed to get up to speed, we will need to continue embracing these same traits and values in the weeks ahead. To support this, we’ve initiated efforts across the company: 

  • People & well-being: Guidelines and tools to support successful remote work (activities, practices and community). These include virtual team lunches and shared scheduled breaks to bring us together as well as sharing best practices and highlighting the importance of communication, among many others.
  • Customer projects: Project practices, tools and ways to interact with team members and customers to better help clients in a remote setting. Our team of more than 70 employees face different situations depending on the project, and it has been our utmost priority to support each other to adapt well to the new normal.
  • Product development: Teamwork, practices and proactivity in making sure we are coordinating product development within the R&D team.

It's worth noting that we're lucky to be in an industry that is not as badly hit by the current situation as many others. And being in a strong financial position allows us to commit to long-term development and the well-being of the Silo.AI team, operation and customers, rather than making decisions only with a short-term financial perspective.

To continue providing leading AI services and solutions to our customers, we need to continue being true to our values by taking care of each other and our customers.

Thank you and be safe,


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Peter Sarlin, PhD
CEO & Co-founder
Silo AI
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Peter Sarlin, PhD

CEO & Co-founder

Silo AI

Silo AI CEO Peter Sarlin is an expert in machine learning with a strong background in turning research into products. Peter holds a PhD in machine learning from Turku Center for Computer Science and has published 70+ papers. He is a Research Associate with the London School of Economics and Imperial College Longon, Professor of Practice at Hanken School of Economics and Aalto University. He is also the Vice President at the IEEE Computational Finance and Economics Technical Committee.

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