Apodigi and Silo AI launch Treet, an intelligent solution to renew the pharmacy business

Apodigi, a front runner in the digitalization of the pharmacy business, and Silo AI, the largest private AI lab in the Nordics, together launch Treet – a smart solution for pharmacies and consumers. The first result of the collaboration is the AI technology incorporated to the Treet mobile application, making it one of the world’s most advanced and versatile solutions for pharmacies.

The aim of the solution is to significantly improve how customers experience pharmacotherapy. The key drivers behind the solution are Apodigi’s expertise, combined with Finland’s pioneering role in digitized pharmacy services, with safety, close customer relationship with local pharmacies, and personalized customer paths as core elements.

Apodigi’s Treet solution is exclusively taken into use by Avainapteekit in over 20 pharmacies during June. The introduction of Treet is the first step towards AI assisted pharmacy operations: the smart system learns from its use and is also able to recommend more suitable services and products in the future. As Apodigi’s partner, Silo AI is also developing the mobile application’s user experience and user interface alongside the core AI capabilities.

– Treet will help provide pharmacy services in multiple channels, thus improving the safety of pharmaceutical products, and making personalized information about individual care paths accessible. With Treet, customers are able to carry the care related instructions and information home, says Simo Vidgren, CEO of Apodigi.

– Developing and managing a pharmaceutical system as well as building smart features require diverse development and artificial intelligence expertise. It has been great to work with Silo AI, whose expertise in AI and data allows us to together modernize the pharmacy business, Vidgren adds.

– Apodigi is a front runner in the pharmacy business, whose experience in the market, unique in terms of information security, purpose and applications, is combined with the latest technologies in the Treet solution. It has been a pleasure to develop this world-class system together with a team that knows the bottlenecks in the field, and has a clear vision of how to develop the industry with smart solutions, says Peter Sarlin, CEO of Silo AI.

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Simo Vidgren, CEO, Apodigi

Treet is an application by the Finnish ApoDigi Oy. The application is a system developed in cooperation between pharmaceutical professionals and leading players in the field, which is exclusively used by Avainapteekit Oy's pharmacies. Treet is available for download from App Store and Google Play store.

Silo AI
Pauliina Alanen, Communications & Marketing Lead, Silo AI

Silo AI is the largest AI solution and service provider in the Nordics that solves the most strenuous challenges in machine learning, computer vision and natural language processing. Silo AI aims at being a trusted partner that brings AI into product development and delivers AI-driven solutions and products. The company serves clients across several industries on four continents. Some Silo AI solutions include a tool for the Finnish airline Finnair to improve situational awareness and a tool to improve water quality at water treatment facilities for the global leading engineering company Ramboll. 


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Pauliina Alanen

Former Head of Brand

Silo AI

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