Anna Mossberg to lead the Nordic’s largest private AI lab in Sweden: “Without AI, Swedish companies risk losing their competitive edge.”

We’re excited to welcome Anna Mossberg to take the lead of our operations in Sweden as our new Managing Director. Anna is an experienced business leader and a digital transformation professional, who has a strong background in driving digitalization initiatives in telecommunications and finance.

Anna believes that Swedish companies risk losing their competitive edge without AI. In her new role, she aims to solve the two major challenges slowing down the onboarding of AI: the lack of understanding and the difficulty of finding talent.

Anna Mossberg: companies should understand that with AI, you can create a trajectory to either winning or losing

“As a board professional, I discuss with the C-level on a daily basis. Companies have AI and digitalization in their strategies, but very few have a vision on how AI can transform their business. With AI, it is possible to create a trajectory to either winning or losing.”, Anna says.

Only 16 percent of Nordic CXOs believe that they have a very good understanding of how AI will impact their business model, according to a recent report by McKinsey. Early-adopters of AI can, according to McKinsey’s estimate, double their cash flow by 2030, compared to nonadopters.

“The companies that are on top of their AI game, know what kind of talent they need. One of Silo AI’s key drivers for delivering top-notch AI solutions has been our relentless focus on hiring the best talent, and that’s what we’re now bringing to the Swedish companies. I’m beyond excited to join the company with the best talent and expertise in applying machine learning and AI into concrete business problems.”, Anna comments.

Mossberg is a former executive at Telia, Deutsche Telekom, and Google

Mossberg has extensive experience in telecommunications and technology at Telia, Deutsche Telekom and, most recently, in the management team at Google. For the past years, she’s worked on several boards of some of the leading Nordic companies, such as the media company Schibsted, the leading consumer goods company in the Nordics and Baltics Orkla, and the largest retail bank in Sweden and Baltics Swedbank, as well as continuing her track record in telecom at the board of Swisscom.

“We’re extremely happy to get a professional like Anna to lead Silo AI Sweden. With her spectacular ability to drive growth as well as experience and expertise in business development and strategy, we will be able to build out a winning team in Sweden and serve our growing client base there”, says Peter Sarlin, CEO at Silo AI. 

Silo AI has been strengthening the team to match the growing client base

In addition to Anna's domain expertise in digital business and telecommunications, Anna has worked with several Silo AI’s key focus segments in Sweden, including automotive, retail and manufacturing. Silo AI Sweden now counts eight professionals, including senior experts like Professor Slawomir Nowaczyk and Professor Hedvig Kjellström

Warm welcome to the team, Anna!

Image of Anna Mossberg

Would you like to kick start your journey with AI? Get in touch with Anna Mossberg at or via LinkedIn.

Pauliina Alanen
Former Head of Brand
Silo AI
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Pauliina Alanen

Former Head of Brand

Silo AI

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