AI powered recruitment – a human-centric approach

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key trend in the recruitment industry and rightly so. Recruitment workflow consists of dozens of steps, approval stages and complexities that – even with the help of latest developments in the HR software industry – still require plenty of manual and repetitive work. Recruiters spend a lot of time writing job ads, sourcing potential candidates through various media and platforms, going through CVs, booking interviews and communicating updates to candidates as the process unfolds. 

AI powered recruitment – what will change

Recruitment that leverages AI uses machine learning and big data to make processes intelligent and self-improving. As opposed to rule-based automation systems, modern AI technologies – including natural language processing (NLP) for understanding unstructured language and computer vision (CV) for understanding images and video - allow for entirely new ways of dealing with candidate sourcing, screening, interviews and, eventually, selection. 

By assisting recruiters, AI has the potential to:

  • considerably save time and improve productivity
  • reduce human biases in the recruitment process
  • improve the quality of candidate communications

Ultimately, AI will help humans focus on the tasks where humans are most needed. These range from building bonds with the candidates to convincing them on choosing your company over another. These and many other tasks in the recruitment process are visualized below in the latest LinkedIn Global Recruitment Trends report.

Humans and machines collaborating is more powerful than automation alone

Will AI replace human recruiters in the areas of high automation potential? At Silo.AI our focus is on human-in-the-loop solutions, where human and machine are seen as collaborators, adding to each other's capabilities and making the entire workflow better. It’s important to note that, even in the tasks where machines outplay human performance, humans still hold the overall responsibility on the ethical reach of AI.

Ethical responsibility stays in human hands:

  1. Machines learn according to the data they are trained by – thus it’s the responsibility of humans to understand what kind of data is required for building ethical and sustainable AI solutions.
  2. Humans also hold the responsibility to validate the suggestions offered by the machine and to provide feedback to the machine on the quality of the suggestion. Building and maintaining this feedback loop is an integral part of building ethical AI solutions, that are transparent and explainable.

An example of a Silo.AI human-in-the-loop solution is AI Recruiter (download our White Paper on AI & Recruitment featuring this case). In this case, the machine learning model was built for mass recruitment purposes. Historic data on success factors were fed to the system to predict success of candidates in similar recruitment processes. 

Get ready to push your recruitment to next level

So why is it that even with all the evident benefits, only 13% of companies are currently using artificial intelligence in their recruitment efforts? First, a well-functioning AI model requires a lot of data. Often the amount of data is insufficient, the quality is not high enough, or it’s inaccessible in various silos across the company. Second, adopting AI powered recruitment solutions requires time and effort – from arranging good quality training data to establishing that human-in-the-loop feedback cycle that allows the model to learn from both data and humans.

However, a change is around the corner as 55% of companies globally believe that AI will become an integral part of their hiring process within the next 5 years. And the effort is well worth it - it’s been estimated that up to 14 hours of weekly working time could be reduced by delegating more manual tasks to AI. As a recruiter, how would you use these additional 2 days a week?

Should you be interested in speeding up your recruitment process with AI, get in touch with us.

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About the author:

Tuuli Suominen is Head of People Operations and part of the management team at Silo.AI. Last month she was invited to speak about AI in Recruitment at the HR x AI in Tampere, where Finland’s top HR leaders gathered to discuss the impact of artificial intelligence in recruitment and other areas of human resources. 

Tuuli Suominen
Chief People Officer
Silo AI
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Tuuli Suominen

Chief People Officer

Silo AI

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