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We build AI-driven products for your competitive edge

Silo AI is one of Europe’s largest private AI labs. We partner up with industry leaders to build smart devices, autonomous vehicles, industry 4.0, and smart cities.


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Silo AI expands to Canada

Silo AI expands to Canada by opening a new office in Vancouver, B.C. with plans to build a strong presence in Canada going forward.

Industry-leading products will be elevated by AI.

We help you get there.

As your strategic partner, we work together to bring AI technologies into production to benefit your customers.

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We work with you to build smarter products and businesses.


Together, we build and scale AI as a part of your products.

AI for competitive edge

We help you bring state-of-the-art AI into production to benefit your customers.

World-class AI expertise

Build cutting-edge AI into your products and elevate your internal AI capabilities by partnering up with one of Europe’s largest private AI labs.

Customizable AI solutions

Reduce risk and speed up innovation time-to-market with advanced AI solutions and tooling, ready to be tailored for your use case.


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We work as a team

"It has been valuable to work closely with Silo AI, as there are often specific topics related to for example edge AI, for which we don’t have the right skill. Working in partnership with Silo AI to access leading AI scientists with needed high-quality skills has been beneficial and something we plan to continue also going forward."

Daniel Szabo


Körber Digital

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We build AI for people

We’re a team of 240 AI experts, with 120 PhD-level AI specialists, building a world with safe human-centric AI that frees the human mind from manual labour, empowering human creativity.

Join us in bringing cutting-edge AI capabilities to organizations worldwide.


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With experience from 200+ production-grade implementations, we help you master the latest AI techniques and end-to-end implementation.

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